Thursday, November 16, 2017

Scarlett's Love of Stop and Shop

If you ask a child where they'd like to go you might hear the typical child favorites such as the ice cream shop, the park, or the playground.  If you ask my child where we should go for the day, she says the grocery store! I'm not sure every child would share her enthusiasm for the grocery store, but that makes her unique and special.

Scarlett in her stroller about to enter her favorite place.

I can't exactly pinpoint exactly when Scarlett's love and enthusiasm for Stop and Shop started, but it's been a constant favorite for about the last 6 months.  Everyday she asks me to go to the grocery store and is beyond excited when we do get to go. As soon as we pull up to the grocery store, she starts yelling in excitement and can't get out of the car fast enough! I put her in the cart and we wander the aisles while she smiles and takes everything in.  We visit her lobster friends in the tank in the seafood department so she can say hi.  She wants one as a pet, but I don't think that's going to happen!

Scarlett's favorite departments in the store are the produce and the bakery by far.  Since she's such a fruit and veggie lover, she's always up for stopping by that section to grab her apples, bananas, and cucumbers.  Scarlett names out each fruit and veggie as we pass it with as much excitement as someone who just won the lottery.  The customers in the store always look at her and smile or laugh.  It's just my girl loving her produce!

Scarlett in the shopping cart and surrounded by food. Surely a dream come true for her! 

When we visit the bakery section, it can get a little dicey.  Scarlett wants every single cookie or brownie bucket as well as all of the refrigerated cakes.  I have to limit what treats we buy and she doesn't always accept that.  She's just like her mom and enjoys her sweets!

On the days that we can't visit the grocery store but have to drive by it to get to where we're going, she gets very upset.  I feel bad but I can't visit Stop and Shop daily.  I know she'd love to go everyday if possible.

Scarlett enjoys eating and is always up for watching me cook her favorite meals in the kitchen!  As she gets older, I hope her love for fruits and veggies stays because it's a wonderful quality to have.

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