Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Puddle Bear Clothing Offers Themed Shirts For the Whole Family

Recently, I've gotten into the idea of having themed shirts for Scarlett to wear for various occasions.  She had a preschool shirt for her first day of preschool, a birthday shirt for her 2nd birthday, and of course she'll have one for this year's birthday as well.  It's fun to have a matching shirt for a special occasion or event.  Since we're going to Disney World in a matter of weeks, I felt it was only appropriate to have themed shirts for Disney as well!

Puddle Bear Clothing is an online company that designs and makes clothing for all ages.  The customization ideas are truly endless at the shop.  My favorite thing about Puddle Bear Clothing is that they make shirts for the whole family to wear together.  For example, you can have Christmas shirts made with each member of the family's name to wear on Christmas morning.  This is a special way to celebrate the holiday and of course very memorable too.

The shop sells matching Disney World shirts and birthday shirts for kids among many other themes.  Of course anything you'd like to be made can be done too.  The sky's the limit with creativity at Puddle Bear Clothing.  Keep the shop in mind for all of your family's themed clothing needs.

I thought it would be adorable if my husband and Scarlett and I had matching Disney raglan shirts for when we go for Scarlett's 3rd birthday. I didn't even know the matching shirts were a thing until I saw pictures of families on Facebook who all had one when at Disney.  Instantly, I fell in love with the shirts and knew I had to have them for my family too.  It's a big deal to be going to Disney World and I wanted to make the experience as memorable and exciting as possible!

The customer service between Puddle Bear Clothing and I was wonderful.  The owner really wanted to make sure I was happy with my order and the shirts were designed exactly how I wanted.  Once the shirts arrived, I couldn't wait to try them on.  Jay and I's shirt was raglan style with a grey front and black sleeves.  Scarlett's is a little bit different with dark grey sleeves and a light grey front.  My tiny girl and I each have Minnie ears on our shirt while my husband has Mickey to differentiate the genders.  How cute is that? All three shirts have our name on them in the famous Disney font.

I have to admit that all of the sizing worked out perfectly.  Everyone's shirt fit well and looks great on.  It will be really fun to have all of us coordinating at Disney World, especially for pictures! It's warmer in Orlando than I thought this time of year, but I think since the shirts have 3/4 sleeves we should be okay.  There is one day during our trip that it'll be cooler so the shirts will be ideal for that day.  The colors and font are bold and vibrant and you can tell the shirt is made well.

Puddle Bear Clothing also sent an adorable holiday themed shirt for Scarlett that she loved as soon as she saw it.  Since the shirt has an S, she said S for Scarlett! What a smart girl.  I love the S wearing a Santa hat with snowflakes on it.  Since it's a size bigger than she normally wears, she'll be able to wear it for two years which will come in handy.

I'm very excited about our Disney shirts and we don't have much longer to wait to wear them! I know we'll have a memorable trip that we'll always remember.

If you're looking for themed shirts for your next party, event, or holiday, Puddle Bear Clothing is waiting to take your order.

You can also find PuddleBear Clothing on Etsy.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Puddle Bear Clothing for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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