Monday, November 27, 2017

Moms Everywhere Need Time For Themselves

Any mother in any part of the world can agree that parenting is not an easy task.  Whether you have a 4 year old or a 44 year old, there will always be different challenges that you'll face.  If you're a parent of a toddler like I am, you're still new to the game and in the thick of the difficulties right now.

Since Scarlett stopped napping, I have very little time to myself these days.  She goes to school twice a week for 3 hours a day.  When she's not at school it's just me and her all day long.  We do activities at home and I take her to kid-friendly places a lot, but the days really are long.  Those 12 hours don't go by quickly! Some days are easier than others which is to be expected.

At night, it's really essential to take some time for yourself.  All day long I am entertaining my tiny tot and my days revolve around her.  From meal prepping and potty training to kissing boo-boo's and reading books, I obviously don't have much time to devote to myself.

The minute Scarlett goes to bed, it becomes my time.  I need to decompress at night in order to relax and tackle the next day.  Whether you want to lay on the couch with a glass of wine and watch your favorite TV show, or take a bubble bath with vanilla scented candles on the rim of the tub, there's no wrong way to unwind.

Since I can't get to the nail salon or spa a lot, I frequently like to give myself an at home facial or a manicure.  It makes me feel good to know that I'm doing something that's worthwhile to me and you can't put a price tag on that.

When you take some time for yourself, it ultimately helps you to become a better parent in the long run.  It's not selfish at all.  Every mom needs a break to be the best they can be.

When I have time for myself at night, I wake up refreshed and excited to see my daughter in the morning.  What will you do to relax tonight?

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