Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why I Love Zulily

As I've mentioned previously, I enjoy online shopping.  There's something exciting about making a purchase for something you want or need and waiting for it to show up outside your door.  Online shopping is fantastic, you can skip the crowds and the lines and purchase anything from the comfort of your own home.  What could be better?

Zulily is the one website where I have a lot of trouble not making a purchase.  If you haven't been on Zulily before, let me inform you of how fabulous it is.  The website offers daily deals from top retailers and beyond that are anywhere from 40-80% off.  You can save some serious dough on home and garden items, clothing, toys and games, shoes, accessories, and so much more.  There's truly something for everyone and it can be downright dangerous for your wallet! It's hard for me to stay away and I sometimes can't!

I mostly shop on Zulily for Scarlett since they offer unique and interesting clothing options for babies, children, and adults that you can't find in a local store.  The prices are always so reasonable and Scarlett can look adorable for a fraction of the cost of what the outfit would be in a department store.  All of her summer sandals and some rompers and dresses came from Zulily and they fit her great.  

The toy options are also quite different from most toys that you'd see in your local chain retail shop. They do have name brand toy companies, but there are a lot of small Mom & Pop type companies that they give a chance to as well.  Zulily offers a lot of learning and educational toys which make moms everywhere happy.  I know I enjoy Scarlett learning through play and Zulily is big on this. There's always something fun and exciting that kids will love.  

Zulily has a wonderful return policy if you aren't satisfied with what you've bought.  Sometimes an item you buy doesn't work out and that's ok, they don't ask many questions for the return and want you to be satisfied.  

You're able to sign up for alerts that tell you when your favorite company or brand is featured again on Zulily, which allows you to never miss out on your beloved brands.  

Once you make a purchase you have free shipping for a limited period of time.  I like this option because shipping is sometimes pricey, when you have the advantage of free shipping on something you may have forgotten to buy it makes you feel important.  

There's nothing that I don't like about Zulily! I highly recommend the website and look forward to buying and saving lots of $$ on my next purchase! Go check them out today and you'll quickly become a fan.

*DISCLOSURE* I am not receiving compensation from this post.  I am simply sharing my love of Zulily with an audience.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

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