Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween Has Arrived In Our House!

Now that it's October, Halloween is just a few weeks away.  Scarlett's going to be a ballerina cat this year and she is very excited.  She's going trick-or-treating with her friend and I can't wait to take no less than 500 pictures of them.  This year she is more aware of Halloween and she yells out "Halloween!" whenever she sees someone's house decorated with pumpkins or anything related to the event.

I've been wanting to do some Halloween crafts and activities with her, so I seized the free time I had when she was at school to go to Michael's.  I spent a while looking at all of the different craft kits and ended up choosing a kit which allowed you to put a face on a felt pumpkin.  I needed something simple for a toddler and this fit the bill.  Also, I picked up a Halloween cookie house to decorate that came with everything as well as Halloween stickers.  I had a fun afternoon planned for my tiny girl after nap time!

Scarlett loved helping to decorate the cookie house, but I think she enjoyed eating it even more.  With icing and candy corn, what more could a toddler want? It's sugar heaven! We saved the rest of the house to decorate with my husband when he gets home.

Afterwards, we decorated the felt pumpkins and each made one.  I taped them on the inside of the windows so you can see them from outside.  It looks cute.  This was an easy mess-free craft that any mom can enjoy.  Just peel the face stickers and place them where you want on the pumpkin.  There are many different eyes, nose, and mouth stickers to delight any child.

We have some Halloween events coming up over the next few weeks that I know Scarlett will enjoy.  Her school is hosting one and we surely won't miss that one either.  Our house is all decorated for Halloween inside and out and we have a pumpkin on the porch too. 

What are your children dressing up for Halloween this year? I can't wait for Scarlett to go trick-or-treating.  I hope she shares her candy with me!

I hope everyone has a fun and exciting Halloween this year!

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