Monday, September 4, 2017

Your Tummy Will Say Yum To Bang Cookies!

Cookies are everything to me.  There's nothing quite like them and they make me very happy.  I could eat them every single day without fail.  My dentist probably hates me.  How can anyone resist freshly baked, warm cookies? Of course you can't forget a tall glass of milk to go with them either. Chocolate chunk, snicker doodle, and a monster cookie with tons of add-in's like pretzels and candy are just three of my favorite types of cookies.  If this doesn't appeal to you, I don't think you're human.  Go ahead and have a cookie or twelve today, I know I will.

Bang Cookies is a relatively new company on the cookie scene.  Their round yummies are baked fresh in Jersey City, New Jersey and made with only the best organic ingredients to make them extra tasty.  You can pick them up locally at their warehouse or they can be shipped to a lucky recipient of your choice.  What's different about these cookies, you ask? Well you'll be delighted to know that they are made extra large to please your belly and taste buds.  I'm sure you won't be able to turn down such delectable flavors as sea salt chocolate chunk, triple chocolate chunk, peanut butter chocolate chunk, s'mores, oatmeal raisin and many more.  If you're a cookie lover, you absolutely must try Bang Cookies.  I can guarantee you won't want to share though!

As a cookie-aholic through and through, I was more than pleased when an order of Bang Cookies showed up at my door.  When I opened the box, there were 6 of the most beautiful cookies inside that I've ever laid my eyes on.  The flavors were chocolate chunk walnut, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, sea salt chocolate chunk, and triple chocolate.  I couldn't get over how large and in charge these cookies were, they were certainly unlike any cookie I had ever seen or had before.  A cookie from Bang Cookies is certainly meant for a hardcore cookie lover like myself.  I knew that my belly had a date with one of these treats and I'm sure the date would be one to remember.

My husband was home at the time of delivery and couldn't get over the cookies himself either! He's a sweets lover just like me and we can do some sugar damage together if given the opportunity. Well the opportunity had arrived and it was time to dig in! He chose the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie while I of course opted for the triple chocolate.  Triple chocolate is my middle name, if you didn't already know.

While these cookies are super sized, they also pack a lot of weight too.  When you pick one up you'll notice how heavy it is.  I was actually surprised because I had never held a cookie that heavy before.  It's full of fabulous ingredients according to each flavor that will make you say yum through each and every bite.

The triple chocolate chunk combines dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark Belgian cocoa all in one to make your chocolate dreams a reality.  I noticed that the cookie was a beautiful rich, deep brown color that meant that it would be full of everything I could want.  Since the cookie was so dense and rich, I only had half.  Each bite was filled with the most luscious, sweet chocolate flavor that I had ever had.  The cookie itself was soft and moist and extremely fresh.  Easily, it was hands down one of the best cookies I've had in my entire life.  Whoever thought to combine all three of these chocolates together definitely ranks high in my book.  Pair this with a tall glass of milk and you've got yourself the perfect mid-day treat.

My husband Jay's ideal sweet treat would be some kind of chocolate combined with peanut butter, whether it's ice cream, a cake, or even a cookie. Of course he was thrilled when they had his favorite flavor made into a monster cookie.  The peanut butter chunk weds chocolate in a match made in heaven.  If you love salty and sweet, this cookie is definitely for you as it has the perfect blend of milk and dark chocolate to make your taste buds dance.

Once Jay cut his cookie in half, he was presented with a huge amount of peanut butter filling along with large chocolate chunks.  Besides our wedding day and our daughter Scarlett being born, I think this was the best day of his life.  I couldn't blame him at all.

Jay was blown away by this soft and delectable treat and thought the ratio of peanut butter and chocolate was the perfect balance.  Peanut butter and chocolate is such a classic pairing that you can never go wrong with.  The cookie was sweet and fabulous, truly everything you could want out of a round piece of heaven.

We're more than satisfied with the cookies we've tried so far, and look forward to trying the other flavors very soon.  Since I have zero self control, it'll be a lot sooner rather than later! An order of cookies from Bang Cookies makes the ideal birthday present for a friend or a family member, as well a gift for truly any occasion.  It's impossible to say no to cookies.

If you wish to order Bang Cookies, please use promo code SAMMI15OFF at checkout to save 15% on your purchase.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Bang Cookies for providing product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are truly my own. 

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