Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PetCakes Will Make Dogs Everywhere Happy!

Lynnie is an absolute treat fanatic. Just mentioning the word sends her into a frenzy of crying and jumping around. There's not any treat that she doesn't love.  Whether you give her a bone, beef stick or milkbone, she will devour them all the same.  Lynnie loves Scarlett more these days because she's constantly giving her treats!

Lucky Paws proudly presents PetCakes, the first ever microwavable dog treat that will make your pet extremely excited.  Founded by owner Melinda Kirk seven years ago, this unique concept of a canine cupcake has been extremely popular.  It is available for purchase online and will be in Kroger in October.  PetCakes is made of all natural and organic ingredients and can be microwaved in less than 3 minutes creating a tasty and totally unique experience for families and their pets.  The Petcakes product line includes frozen dog and cat treats in flavors like banana carob and honey yogurt as well as the microwavable treats.  Pets around the world will go nuts for Petcakes!

If you're conscious of your dog's diet and don't want to feed them anything with unnatural ingredients, Petcakes would be a great choice for you.  Everything is sourced in the USA and they only use the finest human-grade ingredients free of harmful additives and preservatives.

Petcakes dog treats can be made in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave.  Each kit comes with a special purple pan that features 3 molds in the shape of dog bones. Each kit comes with 2 mixes. There are three different flavors sold separately featuring original carob, pizza, and 3 cheese.

After Scarlett woke up from her nap, I thought it would be a fun project for Scarlett to help me make treats for Lynnie.  She loves to help out in the kitchen so I figured this would be right up her alley.  Lynnie received a carob Petcakes kit as well as a holiday kit.

The treats were really easy to make.  All you do is combine one packet of mix, 1/2 cup water, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter into a mixing bowl and stir until blended.  The box says that you can substitute applesauce, yogurt, or even cottage cheese into the mix instead of using peanut butter if you prefer.  Go ahead and customize the treat to your pet's taste and food preferences. The directions say to fill each mold to the top until full.  After that, you microwave for 2 minutes and then the treats cool for 5 minutes until serving. The mix looked sort of like raw pancake batter.

Lynnie was going nuts the entire time Scarlett and I were making the treats.  I told them they were for her and she was very excited.  I don't think she took her eyes (and nose!) off of us and the microwave for one second.  Can you blame her though? This girl loves her treats!  Scarlett really enjoyed helping me mix the batter although I didn't trust her to pour the batter into the molds!

After 5 minutes of cooling it really did look like I had baked the treats.  They went from raw batter to "cooked" very quickly.  How adorable is that bone shape? Lynnie couldn't wait to try them! Since she is a small dog and the treats are very large for her, I cut a small piece off of the end and had Scarlett give it to her. She happily gobbled it down instantly and then looked at me for more! I think it's safe to say that she loved them.

You can also spread some peanut butter or cream cheese on the top of the treat for some added yumminess for your dog.  I might try that next time with the holiday kit that I'll be using in the coming weeks.

The trays are reusable if you want to make your dog happy by making them delicious treats over and over!

Keep Petcakes in mind for a tasty gift for your pooch or a friend's, they will absolutely love it.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to PetCakes for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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