Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Magic Sketch Will Offer Your Child Hours of Enjoyment

Scarlett is almost 3 years old and her interests are really changing.  She's very into arts and crafts and will happily sit at the table doing play-doh or coloring in a coloring book.  I'm lucky her school does a lot of messy art projects that keep my home clean. I want Scarlett to be as creative as possible but without making too much of a mess. Don't all parents share this mindset?

Magic Sketch is a fabulous and fun new way for your children to draw, play and learn.  The flexible tablet offers a LCD screen that's transparent and allows kids to trace with the provided stencils or from their own images.  

The unit comes with a protector guard, 1 roller, 3 stamps, 20 learning stencils, 20 game stencils, and 20 art stencils.  You'll notice that the set also comes with different styluses which produce straight or wavy lines.  Any child will have hours of fun with this exciting toy.

Clearing the screen is easy, just push the button to erase your work when you're ready to move onto the next masterpiece.  The best part about Magic Sketch is that it's entirely kid proof.  You can step on it, drop it, and even spill water on it and it will not break! If you're in need of a present for a lucky boy or girl this Christmas, they will absolutely love Magic Sketch.

Scarlett was very interested to use the tablet as soon as she saw it.  She immediately got to work drawing a picture while I showed her how to use all of the included accessories.  The accessories are large and easy for little hands to hold.  The included pen writes flawlessly and easily on the liquid crystal screen.  Trust me, you'll want to use the tablet too.  I had just as much fun using it as she did, I guess you can say I'm a big kid at heart! 

She had no issues when drawing and loved seeing her picture displayed in a variety of colors on the screen.  I also loved that she could be creative with no mess and no crayons to wipe off the floor or the wall either. 

In my opinion, the included stampers didn't show up very clearly on the Magic Sketch.  The images would half show up but then when I pushed them down harder, it would be smudged.  I'm not sure if there's a better way to use the stampers that I'm not aware of.

The 60 included pages are perfect for all ages.  Younger children will enjoy coloring pictures of animals, scenery, and even nature.  If you have a child learning the ABC's or numbers, this would be great practice for them with the included educational cards. 

Older children will be interested in practicing multiplication and doing games such as word search puzzles and connect the dots.  I like that the tablet grows with your child and they can use it for many years.  

Since there are 60 cards, I do wish there was some sort of storage case or a section on the back of the tablet for storing the cards.  I will probably store all of the cards in a zip-loc bag for safe keeping.

The unit is very small and perfect for traveling with.  Your little one will love putting it in their suitcase or backpack to travel by car, plane, or train with.  Since it's so compact, it takes up virtually no room and will always be there for constant entertainment. If you want your child to take a break from using the iPad or an internet based tablet, this would be a wonderful alternative. 

The battery lasts 7 years which allows years of use. With upcoming holiday travel on the horizon, this will surely be something they will want to take with them.  It's like having many toys in one! Also, there's no crayons, markers, or even colored pencils to lose. Another advantage is that there's no tablet to charge and no cords to bring. Just throw it in a bag and you're good to go!

As a parent, I always look for items and toys that grow with my daughter.  Magic Sketch definitely fits that bill and I can confidently say this is an item that she will use for years and years.  If you're starting to do your holiday shopping for children, make sure to put Magic Sketch at the top of your list. 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Magic Sketch for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.

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