Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Dress For Less


Want to refresh your wardrobe but strapped for cash? Many of us can overspend on clothing, some items of which we may only wear once or twice. Buying less clothes is the obvious way of cutting costs. However, many of us may be able to slash our clothes shopping bill simply by avoiding the high street retail outlets and buying clothes from other places. Here are a few ways that you could dress for less.

Get thrifty

Expensive vintage stores aren’t the only place to go thrifting. Second-hand stores such as charity shops and jumble stores are great for finding items of quality clothing for cheap. Flea markets and even yard sales can also be fantastic places to go for cheap second-hand clothes. Condition may not always be top notch, so bear this in mind.

Bid on clothing

Auctions can sometimes be great places to find quality clothing for cheap. Bidding sites such as Dealdash are a good place to look for low-end clothing. Make sure to always go into a bid with a maximum price in mind, otherwise you could end up spending more than you’d hoped.

Shop out of season

The cheapest time to buy summer clothes is in the winter. There’s little demand for them, as more people are focused on wrapping up warm and dressing in cooler winter colours. You may have to wait a few months to get your wear out of these clothes, but you’ll have saved a lot of money. Similarly, you should buy winter clothes in summer. You can also sometimes get deals on last year’s clothing lines from the exact same season.


Hire clothing

When it comes to special occasions, you don’t want to buying a new expensive dress each time – but you may also not want to risk being seen in the same dress twice. What’s the solution to this? Hiring dresses instead of buying them is the answer. Companies such as Rent the Runway could allow you to hire a luxury dress for a tenth of the sale price. Such clothing is professionally dry-cleaned and treated so that it remains looking brand new. You do of course have to be careful when hiring clothes as any damage you make to a dress will have to paid for. Also, if you grow too attached, you may want to think twice before buying from these companies as whilst they may allow it, they’ll often charge more than the sale price.

Collect coupons

Couponing can get you deals on all kinds of things. By signing up to few coupon sites such as Wowcher you may be able to collect vouchers and promo codes that could allow you discounts from various retail stores. Remember to use these coupons before they run out as most have a strict expiry date on them. You can also occasionally find coupons and vouchers in magazines and newspapers.

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