Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Little Tike's Swim To Me Puppy Is Adorably Fun For All Kids

To say Scarlett is a toy lover is an understatement.  We have a playroom in our upstairs loft that is every child's dream room.  It's filled with countless toys including a play kitchen, a dollhouse, easel, huge play tent, and so much more.  Scarlett and I spend most of our days up there and she absolutely loves it.  Toys not only provide entertainment and learning for little ones, but also help fine tune those fine motor skills.

Little Tikes offers infant, young children's toys and furniture for indoor and outdoor use.  If fun is on your older child's agenda, let their playhouses, sandboxes, water tables, and kitchens delight your tot's imagination.  If you have a baby, they will love the jump jump's, walkers, and educational learning toys among many others.  Whatever age your child is, they will surely enjoy Little Tikes products that create and spark play and curiosity.

Scarlett and I are both avid animal lovers, and I'm glad that we both share that trait! She has a lot of dog toys and stuffed animals that provide her with hours of fun.   When I discovered that Little Tikes recently unveiled their new Swim To Me Puppy, I knew it would be perfect for my tiny tot.

Your little one will enjoy this adorable pup that walks across the floor, but the real surprise is that the puppy loves water! If you place him in water, he will doggie paddle his way all around the pool or bath tub.  With two ways to play, you can guarantee that playtime indoors or outdoors will be a blast.

As soon as Scarlett saw the adorable black and white spotted dog, she was instantly excited.  What toddler can resist a dog? I know mine can't.  He walked across the floor with ease while Scarlett tried to feed him some of our dog Lynnie's dog food along with a bottle of water.  She's very caring and always wants to make sure all animals are well-fed!

When bath time rolled around later that day, I told her we can also put the doggie in the water for some water fun.  Don't forget to put on the dog's goggles though to protect his eyes.  As soon as the water hits the dog's sensors, he instantly starts swimming.  Scarlett thought it was hysterical that the dog was actually swimming in her bath tub and couldn't stop laughing.  She's very silly and it doesn't take much to make her laugh, so her reaction didn't surprise me at all.

The dog did a great job of swimming around the tub and Scarlett loved every second of it.  She showed him her other bath friends like a squirting chicken and a rubber duck.  Although the dog loved swimming in the tub, I'm sure Scarlett would love him even more in the pool.

This toy is definitely unique and not something that we've ever owned before.  We're working on a name for the dog and are open to any suggestions anyone has. :)

If you're looking to add a new and exciting friend to your child's toy box, Little Tike's Swim To Me Puppy would be the perfect addition.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Little Tikes for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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