Friday, July 21, 2017

Your Sleep Matters Too: How You Can Get More

The one thing everyone loves to tell you about having children is that you'll never sleep the same again. While they're slightly gleeful that other parents will have to experience the same sleep deprivation they did, no new parent looks forward to the sleepless nights. And it doesn't end once the child is no longer a baby. Young children often love to get up at the crack of dawn, and they're not always too keen on going to bed, either. All this impacts your sleep, and it's true that things may change a lot. However, just because you have to alter your sleep patterns, it doesn't mean you'll never get enough sleep. There are some things you can do to be well-rested.

Have Your Own Bedtime Routine

Babies and children tend to do well with set bedtime routines. It helps them get to sleep and gives them expectations. But your child isn't the only one who can benefit from a routine at bedtime. You can also help yourself get a good night's sleep by following the same schedule every night. You might do some things like reading a book for a while, having a hot (caffeine free) drink, or even doing some deep breathing exercises. Try to relax before you go to bed, so it's easier to fall asleep. You can't guarantee you won't ever be interrupted, but you can try your best to follow the same pattern each night.

Design a Sleep-friendly Bedroom

Your bedroom can play a huge part in how well you're able to sleep. Whether you've still got the baby in your room with you or you've got it all to yourself, you can make choices that help you fall and stay asleep. Start by having a comfortable mattress that supports your back and joints. Have a look at a mattress site to compare the available options, such as memory foam and latex mattresses. Think about the environment of your room too, including the temperature and lighting. The room should be cool for comfortable sleep, as well as dark. Try to avoid having any artificial lights, even tiny ones from chargers and devices.

Prioritize Rest

How much importance do you place on sleep? You might complain that you don't get enough, but when it comes down to it, how much do you try to get? Spending time on the sofa at the end of the day helps you to wind down and can give you time with your partner too. But an hour watching TV could be an extra hour when you're in bed, catching up on sleep. Make sleep a priority if you want more of it.

Have a Night Off

Being separated from your kids for the night can be tough for both them and you. However, it's healthy for you to have time apart. Your children can spend time with other family members, or with a friend or babysitter. Without them around, you could have the best night's sleep in a long time.

Kids need plenty of sleep, but so do you. Make sure you don't forget about your own sleep when you're trying to get the kids to bed.

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