Monday, July 17, 2017

Gift Ideas For The Cook In Your Life

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the chances are that the way to your heart is through your belly. There are few experiences more satisfying and intimate than sitting down together to a lovingly prepared meal together. If your significant other loves nothing more than to spend hours in the kitchen perusing recipe books, experimenting with colors, flavors and ingredients then chances are they’ll also love receiving new toys to excite their culinary imagination and make their cooking even easier and more pleasurable.


Erica Butea will tell you that there are some gadgets that no kitchen should be without, so we’ll assume that your loved one already has the essentials. Here are some more luxurious gift ideas that will make them feel like a 5 star chef and make you look like a 5 star lover! It’s also an established fact that couples who cook together tend to stay together so there’s no excuse not to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in with them.

If your beau is stir-crazy about stir fry then this round base, carbon steel wok is for them! The uncoated carbon steel surface allows for rapid and even heating and cooling that are essential in high-heat cooking. They won’t need to worry about burnt hands either, since the blond wood handle is completely non-conductive. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Coffee shouldn’t just be a muddy tasting instant powder that you mix with hot water to give you a jolt in the morning. It should be something that is slowly savored and this reuseable stainless-steel filter not only eliminates the need for environmentally wasteful filter paper, it also helps to seal in every last drop of flavor with its double filtration.

Enjoy a cup of coffee made with this after your culinary creations and you’ll have the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

“I’m just not into pizza”- said nobody ever! If your partner has a passion for pizza then this compact and affordable wood fired pizza oven allows you and your partner to prepare delicious artesanal pizzas in your own backyard. As summer’s just bedding in now, why not enjoy a balmy summer’s evening together enjoying your pizzas, sipping a nice easy red and watching the sun set together. Romance and pizza in the sunset? You’re welcome!

Chopping vegetables can be easy and effortless or it can also be tedious and laborious. The difference is all in the kind of knife you use. With this high carbon, stain resistant, v-bevelled steel blade, your beloved will be able to easily slice through the toughest of sweet potatoes, cabbages and squashes.

If the love of your life has a birthday coming up, then these edible candles will be more than just the frosting on the cake. Crafted from real chocolate, they’re a delicious and fun addition to any birthday celebration.


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