Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Running Out Of Time? Last Minute Ideas To Celebrate Father's Day Together

Father’s Day is a big day for every family. But unfortunately, it’s a day that receives less mediatization and marketing than Mother’s Day, or even Valentine’s Day. As a result, it’s not uncommon to wake up a few days before D-day and suddenly realize as a drop of cold sweat runs along your back, that you don’t have planned anything for your father or your partner and father of your children. Don’t panic; this is a common issue. More often than not, though, Father’s Day is about getting the family together to remember each other about your unique bond and your love. And this is in this spirit that you need to consider your celebration for Father’s Day: It is a day to honor family love and fatherhood. In other words, it’s a family reunion to remind the man in your family of how appreciated he is and how strong your family nucleus is thanks to him. Thankfully, there is always time for a last minute celebration day with these few ideas.

#1. Organize A Garden Party

Could there be anything better and easier to organize than a garden party? While the answer is most definitely no, it doesn’t mean that a garden party doesn’t require any prep time. In truth, you need to take care of your garden, at least enough for it to be a safe place for a party. For instance, this starts by mowing the lawn and maintaining the garden regularly, so that there is no risk of accidents with dead branches falling from trees, or the kids swimming in a dirty pool. There is no doubt that you are probably ahead of this kind of maintenance, but it’s always worth mentioning it: As a rule of the thumb, you should mow your garden every two to three weeks in spring and summer. Additionally, you will need to make sure that the garden is pest free. You can find a helpful article about this on the blog that describes how to get rid of slugs, snails, and even the annoying neighbor’s cat or dog that keeps coming to foul the garden.
Once you’ve ensured that the garden is perfect to receive a party, it’s time to set the tables out and to decorate the garden. If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, you can hang garden lanterns above the tables and place fresh flowers in a vase at the center of each table – if you are using several. There is no need for fancy cutlery and plates if you are planning a large party with ten or more guests. Plastic plates , glasses and cutlery are perfect for large parties, and they are easy to manage to. They don’t need any cleaning! Additionally, if you are organizing a party in the evening or the late afternoon, do plan some citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay, as well as a few throws to keep your guests warm.
More often than not, the best kind of food for a garden party is a proper BBQ meal. Barbecues are ideal for meat-lovers, fish-eaters, and vegetarians, so you can arrange the perfect mix of food to suit every need. Besides, it’s likely that the Father of the party will be glad to stand in front of the grill to prepare the food. Not that you want him to work on this specific day, but dads are renowned for taking over the BBQ management. They can’t help it: Who doesn’t love to be in charge of the burgers?

You can also make the celebration even more exciting, especially for young ones, by having a costume party. Imagine the kids and the grown-ups as wizards, monks, royalties, or characters shrouded in mystery with a collection of hoods, robes, and capes for medieval-themed parties. Add themed games and refreshments too.

#2. A Day Down The Memory Lane

Father’s Day is a day of remembering the good times of the past. So you can be sure that planning a cozy family meal together in the comfort of your home is a good choice. Sometimes, all you need is to dress the tablet for you, your partner and the kids – or for your parents and your siblings if you don’t have any children yet – and to cook their favorite meal. To make it extra special, you can decorate the table with some sweet napkin folding ideas, such as the lotus fold or the swan fold, which is always very impressive. If you love origami, napkin folding is very similar. But even if you’ve never practiced any origami design, you’ll  be amazed by how much you can do with a simple tutorial. Pick your best cutlery, your most beautiful plates, and let the napkin do the talking. If you want to make an impression, the heart fold is always a hit.
There’s thankfully still time to arrange a quick album of your favorite photos together, or even to get a special printout. currently runs a few discount offers – up to 60% off – for photo prints and personalized cards to share your best memories without breaking the bank. All you need is to have your favorite pictures ready at the time of the online order. A common picture for Father’s Day, if you don’t know what to choose for a new father, is one where they are holding their son or daughter for the first time. Otherwise, a collection of pictures throughout the years is always a nice and touching choice, and a good way to remind all fathers that they matter just as more with gray hair than they did in the past.  
As it’s a day of family togetherness, you could choose to spend the rest of the day doing things you all love. From watching your favorite films together, or taking a walk in the woods, it is a choice that you could leave to Dad. But don’t be afraid to make suggestions or to plan some board games if the weather is wet or cold. After all, togetherness can happen just as well inside with a nice cup of cocoa and a card game.

#3. A Day Of Excitement

If the father of the day is a dynamic man who loves entertainment, you still have time to plan a day out for the family in his favorite amusement park. There is a vast choice, naturally. If he’s a man who loves to travel, maybe the Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a fantastic idea with its Parisian streets and its European feel, combined with mind-blowing roller-coasters. If he prefers an adventurous life, maybe the Six Flags Magic Mountain in California is a better match, especially with its 19 roller-coasters and its virtual-reality headsets to enhance the riding experience. Admittedly this may not be suited for families with young children, but if you’ve got teens or older children, it is the perfect amusement park! A film lover dad would probably prefer a trip down the Universal Studios in Hollywood where he can take a ride through his favorite films, and even through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are plenty of options so that you can find the right place for him.
However, not every dad is a fan of amusement parks. Loving entertainment doesn’t mean that you love queueing for the roller-coaster ride. How about musical concerts then? gives you access to the list of concerts running through the USA in 2017, which is a great start for a music fan. If he loves rock bands, he will love to see U2 in concert so that you could get tickets for the Joshua Tree Tour, their latest tour through the states. But there are plenty of other artists touring too!
The most important thing to remember when you are planning these days out is to plan the hotel too. Nobody wants to spend a day on the road just for an amusement park or a concert. By the way, you don’t need to worry if you can’t get a concert ticket for the day of Father’s Day. It remains a fantastic gift, even if the concert happens next week or month.

#4. Help The Kids To Spoil Their Dad

If you have children who are old enough to help and enjoy the craft side of life, you could suggest that they prepare their dad a Father’s Day’s breakfast of champions. Why not start the day with a yummy smoothie, such as coconut and banana smoothie, for a fresh and healthy start? Smoothies are easy and quick to make so that it’s the perfect last minute breakfast. It only takes a few minutes in the blender, and it’s ready! If you give the kids a hand, they could even serve yummy fruit muffins at the breakfast table. Remember that a little icing decoration can go a long way, especially if the kids leave a message for Father’s Day. Using 15 muffins, you can write happy Father’s Day with one letter on each muffin. This is a brilliant display on the breakfast table!
For craft enthusiastic kids, you can also help them to some handmade decorative pieces. An embroidered cushion cover is not too difficult to make and can be a cute and impressive present. Older children can create a personalized card or even a decorative frame with wood and paint to place their favorite picture or a motivational quote about their Dad.

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