Monday, May 1, 2017

Say Goodbye to Stains With TriNova

As a mom to a two year old, you can bet that my days revolve around stains.  Whether my little one gets her clothes stained with food, spills milk on the couch, or fingerprints on the carpet with peanut butter, I declare myself a certified spill expert now.  Luckily, nothing has stained too bad beyond measure.  Life with a toddler is always an adventure to put it positively!

TriNova allows you to save your couch, furniture, carpet and even clothes from stains.  It's time to say goodbye and kick them to the curb.  TriNova Stain Guard is a newer cleaning and care products brand that has developed a non-flammable, water based, safe and odorless formula to repel liquid stains.  This prevents any permanent destruction to your favorite fabrics.  You will no longer panic and be able to prevent stains from milk, juice, wine, ice cream and more! Homes across America will want this magic product.

My microsuede couch has taken a beating since Scarlett was born.  It's definitely seen its better days and when we move next summer, I can't wait to get a couch that has a more toddler friendly material. Just this morning she spilled milk on it, but luckily the damage was not major thanks to TriNova's Stain Guard! There was no ring left on the couch from treating it like some products leave.  Honestly, you couldn't even tell that a stain was even there to begin with.  It's truly a magical product and I'll be using it for any future stains. 

This product is perfect for parents as well as dog owners.  Keep it handy under your kitchen sink for whenever you need it. You'll wonder how you ever lived life without it.

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