Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Who Can Resist A Hand Made Purse From Nonnies Nonsense?

Scarlett's love affair of Sesame Street has been going strong for about a year now.  She constantly wants to hug and kiss her stuffed Elmo as well as watch the show everyday.  I'm happy she has a healthy and educational interest that she's learned so much from. We have lots of themed DVD's, toys, and even pajamas too among other items.  One thing that I can say we most certainly don't have is a Sesame Street purse!  Wouldn't it be exciting to surprise your little girl with a purse to hold all of her favorite items in?

Nonnies Nonsense is an Etsy shop ran by owner Naomi who creates fabulous hand-sewn products including tote bags and purses, paci clips and teethers, coasters, slipcovers for baby carriers, and so much more! Naomi's items range in themes from sports and beach themed all the way to designs like birds, sharks, and everything in-between.  There's certainly a style and design that will catch your eye, but if not Naomi would be happy to work with you to create something custom of your dreams.  She has many different fabrics and styles to choose from.  Why not head on over to her shop today and place an order?

Lately, Scarlett has been very independent and wanting to do things for herself.  She wants to put on her own shoes and jacket and carry her own purse without help.  I'm happy that she's maturing and growing, but it makes me sad that she won't be little forever like I wish she could be.  My tiny girl has been interested to use some of my old small purses lately, and I knew she'd love the opportunity to have her own special Elmo themed purse! You should see what her important "essentials" are! The contents of the purse range from one lego, snacks, doll shoes, and other funny miscellaneous items.  I'd say Scarlett's mom's purse contents differs greatly from hers!

Naomi was kind enough to send Scarlett a handmade Elmo toddler tote that is just too cute for words!  You can choose from two different fabrics for this tote depending on your child's taste.  Naomi has Elmo fabric as well as fabric featuring all of the Sesame Street characters on a black dotted background.  I was partial to the Elmo fabric since he is Scarlett's favorite.

The purse was shipped exceptionally fast and Scarlett was so excited when she saw it! She yelled out Elmo and wanted to hold it right away.  I told her that this was her very own purse and she didn't have to use mine anymore.   Since the bag is large and spacious inside, it can hold anything a child could want for a long car ride or a trip to Grandma's.  I know Scarlett will enjoy having her snacks, coloring book and crayons, and animal figurines inside as well as anything else that she wants.  There's an interior pocket on the side to hold money or even a credit card if you want Grandma to pay for something.  Scarlett had no problem putting the purse on her shoulder and having it stay there comfortably.  I think she was very excited to have something that she didn't have to borrow or give back!

I've never seen the Elmo fabric before that Naomi used and it's just too cute for words.  There are pictures of Elmo all over the purse with a lunchbox, grapes, and apples on it.  It actually fits Scarlett's personality well since she is such a food lover and apples are her favorite fruit.  The colors are bright, bold, and vivid.  I definitely think this item is a conversation starter and you cannot buy anything like this in stores!

If you spill something on the purse, don't worry! It's 100% washable, just throw it in the wash and your little one will be ready to use it again in no time.  

I know Scarlett will enjoy using the purse for some time to come and feel like such a big girl too! If you're looking for a special hand-made purse that your child will absolutely love, it's time to place an order at Nonnies Nonsense!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Nonnies Nonsense for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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