Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mom Groups Are Essential When You're a Stay At Home Mom

When Scarlett was first born, it was just me, her, and our house.  My pediatrician told us not to go out for the first 3 months of her life because it was winter and she didn't have her shots yet.  I didn't last the 3 months, but only made it 8 weeks.  It was so difficult being stuck inside with a newborn during the snow and freezing cold temperatures.  I certainly felt like I was going insane at certain times, and a simple trip to the grocery store alone at night felt like a vacation.

I found a local group in my area when Scarlett was a few weeks old.  There were scheduled activities weekly and sometimes even daily! This was definitely what I needed and I was very excited.  I couldn't wait to connect with other moms and meet new people.

Once Scarlett was old enough, we made it to our first activity which was my library's story time.  Even though Scarlett slept through it at 9 weeks old, it was a chance for me to connect with others.  Plus, I really loved getting out of the house! I had a wonderful time and was so glad for the opportunity.

Fast forward two years later and I'm very active in my mom's group and have made wonderful friends.  Scarlett and I do activities 2-3 times a week and it gives her a chance to socialize as well as me.  My group has trips to museums, playgroups, park outings, story time, county events, and so much more.  There's even Mom's Night Out dinners without the kids or husbands! 

If you're a mom of a little one or will be having a new baby soon, I highly recommend joining a mom's group.  You'll love the opportunities that come with it! 

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