Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Put Some IFME Shoes On Your Little One's Feet

Now that Scarlett's been solidly walking for about 13 months, she's amassed quite the shoe collection! Her closet contains adorable boots, flats, sandals, and sneakers that look great on her little feetsies.  Even though she's been walking for some time now, it's still important to me that her shoes contain the support that a girl on the go needs.  When I can find a truly fashionable shoe that is good for her growing feet, that makes me happy as a mother.

IFME has always had children's developing feet in mind since 1999.  The brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children's feet.  The name IFME is short for "If It Was Me", reflecting the brand's deep commitment to customer satisfaction.  The shoe styles are offered for boys and girls in both baby and child size. There are many shoe choices to choose from depending on your style and color needs.  Why not get a pair of aqua and purple shoes for your daughter and navy and red for your son today? Keep IFME in mind for all of your child's future shoe needs.

Scarlett was fortunate enough to receive the cute Purple Flower shoes to add to her closet.  I chose to receive these in a size two sizes bigger so she has room to grow into them.  Her little feet grow a lot faster than they used to! Since this is a significantly larger size she will probably fit into them by the Fall.

The shoes are really easy to take on and off and they stay securely closed with velcro.  What I like most about these shoes is the adorable purple and blue flower design.  Scarlett will be the talk of her class when she wears these to school! The bottom of the shoe is sturdy and offers the support her growing feet need.

Scarlett was instantly attracted to the pretty flowers and enjoyed pointing to them and smiling.  She had no issues walking in the shoes and she seems comfortable and happy while wearing them. They are big and certainly not ready for her to wear though.  It seems like just yesterday she was wearing a toddler size 4, now she's in a 7! Kids don't stop growing, do they?

The shoes would be perfect with black, purple, white, or any other color you could think to pair them with.  Your little one will enjoy wearing them all year-round.  Moms everywhere will appreciate a stylish shoe that's sturdy, durable and reliable.  What more could you want for your child?

If you're looking to introduce a new pair of shoes into your little one's life, why not chose IFME?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to IFME for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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