Thursday, March 23, 2017

Facts About Me!

I always enjoy reading information about other bloggers and finding out facts I didn't previously know.  I can't recall ever posting a large post about myself with information, so I figured why not?

-I grew up in the south and lived there for almost 17 years.  Since leaving the south I have moved up the east coast and now live in New England.  

-I love to travel and always enjoying visiting a place I have not been before.  Europe is still on my bucket list and I hope to one day see England, Australia, France, and Italy among many other countries!

-I moved to NYC for school when I was 17 and never looked back! I graduated with a degree in communications.  I met my husband there and we've been together for almost 10 years.  We have a 7 year age difference between us.

-During the warmer months of the year, I love to go to garage sales on the weekends.  Finding a good bargain is always fun and I've gotten some wonderful things in fabulous condition for next to nothing.

-I'm an old soul.  I enjoy older movies, music, and TV shows much more than present day ones.  I do have current modern day favorites, but you can't beat some old classics!

-It's hard for me not to overanalyze things.  It's one of my flaws, and it's something I try to work on all the time. 

-Cooking and baking is something I really love.  You can always find me in the kitchen preparing something tasty.  I'm completely self taught and I've worked my way up over the years through trial and error.  

-Chocolate and carbs are my weakness.  I don't think I go a day without eating chocolate.  I wish I could!

-I'm an only child.  I always wanted siblings when I was growing up. 

-I took Spanish all throughout high school and remember enough to have a simple conversation, ask for help, and order food.  It impresses my husband whenever I need to use Spanish!

-I'm slightly OCD with cleaning.  My kitchen gets wiped down several times a day, and I can never have any dirty dishes in the sink.  I fold laundry as soon as it's finished in the dryer too.  I vacuum twice a day.  My husband makes fun of me, but I like a clean house! 

-Blogging is probably one of the most exciting and memorable things I've ever done in my life.  Who knew I'd be at this point when I started it over 7 years ago?

-I hate mustard and mayonnaise and the sight of them disgusts me.

-I've never broken any bones in my body or had any major injuries.

-I love to take pictures and bring my camera with me to events and parties.  You'll always see me taking pictures!

-My favorite artist is Andy Warhol and I did a 10 page report on his Self Titled art piece in college.  

-I got married in 2013 and honeymooned for 10 days in Mexico.

-I've been babysitting for families since I was 11 years old.  My final job was in 2012, before I moved away from NYC.

-I am very silly and love to laugh.  I think Scarlett appreciates my sensor of humor most! 

-I value my friendships and am a very loyal friend and will be there whenever you need me.

Hope you enjoy the facts! 

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