Friday, February 10, 2017

Scarlett's Silly Personality

One thing that Scarlett 100% gets from me is her silly personality.  I'm not only silly, but love to joke around myself, so I'm happy that she inherited that from me.

On any given day, you can guarantee that Scarlett will do something to get some laughs.  She loves when you throw pillows at her on the couch, or when you bury her in the ball pit in our playroom.  Nothing makes her happier than to have crazy things done to her like that! Of course I crack up right along with her.  

Scarlett enjoys wearing other people's shoes, as well as putting freshly washed laundry on her head.  She knows exactly what she's doing because she starts laughing as soon as she does whatever silly thing.  Punching her feet or putting the vacuum hose on her feet always gets giggles too.  What a crazy child! We spend a lot of our day together laughing, which is very special. 

I love that Scarlett is so silly and it ensures that we always have fun together.  What other silly things does Scarlett like, you ask? She enjoys putting boxes and buckets on her head as well as wanting to be closed up in a box.  We can't do that for too long since it's not the safest.  

I'm sure I'll be updating everyone on more of her silly antics again soon!

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