Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scarlett's Experience With Preschool

Before Scarlett started her 2's program at her preschool in September, she went to camp at her school all summer long.  She absolutely loved the activities and the socialization aspect of being with other kids her age.  This was also the first time that she had been away from me in her life and it was an important milestone for us both.  She did fabulous throughout the summer and I knew she was comfortable and ready for preschool when it began.

Scarlett at her school's Christmas party.

Once she started school in the fall, she was 21 months old.  What I like most about her school is that it's play-based learning.  Children learn best through play and she has been able to be educated about weather among many other subjects through play.  The kids are outside all year round (but not in the bitter freezing temps!) and are taught about rain, sunshine, snow, nature, and so much more.  Isn't it fantastic to learn about different kinds of leaves while making an arts and crafts project involving them? Scarlett has been able to play with snow and learn all about it too.  The activities are very unique and interesting and the kids are always doing something exciting. 

Scarlett always comes home with a cute art project and my fridge is running out of room! She goes to school once a week at the moment, but will eventually transition to two days in the fall of 2017.  Education is very important to me and I want her to learn as much as possible.  She has recently started singing the ABC's which go in conjunction with a special dance that she was taught.  It's funny when she randomly bursts into song and sing the ABC's, it seems like it happens whenever the mood strikes her!

She absolutely loves her teacher and is always hugging her.  I'm happy she's close with her and is comfortable.  I always get reports that she does well at school and is very happy to be there.  Although she does have a lot of energy and is very hyper, which can be challenging.  Scarlett has fun interacting with the other children and I know being around them has many benefits.  She's not around other kids all the time, especially since she's an only child so it helps.  Let's just say that Scarlett is not happy when I pick her up when it's time to go! She will scream and cry and kick me.  We're working on that!

I hope Scarlett enjoys the rest of the school year that she has left.  I can't wait to see what else she learns.  

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