Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stop and Shop is Your One Stop Shop for All Birthday Needs

Birthdays only come around once a year and that makes them very special.  Everyone's big day should include not only a fantastic chocolate cake and presents, but memories that will last for years to come.  Being surrounded by your friends and family on your birthday is what it's all about.

Stop and Shop is a retail grocery chain that has 419 stores throughout New Jersey, New England, and New York.  The store features a deli, bakery, produce and meat department, as well as a seafood and floral section.  Whatever entertaining or birthday needs you could possibly have, Stop and Shop is there to make your event fantastic.  You'll love the fresh seafood for creating a fantastic restaurant quality meal at home, but don't forget to visit the bakery afterwards.  The bake shop's fantastic cookies, cakes and pies will be sure to delight for an after dinner treat.

I've been buying my groceries at Stop and Shop since I moved to New England in 2012. The food is fresh, delicious, and very affordable.  I make a visit to the store a few times a week as I like to cook with fresh fruits and veggies.  My daughter Scarlett loves Stop and Shop's apples as well as tomatoes and oranges for snacks during the week.

Scarlett's 2nd birthday party was yesterday and it was Sesame Street themed.  I had been planning her party for weeks and knew that she needed a cake to match her party theme. Stop and Shop makes a Sesame Street cake that I knew would be perfect for the event.

You can customize the cake to your specific taste, but I chose buttercream vanilla icing with chocolate cake.  The cake ended up being a double layer cake to be able to feed everyone at the party.  On top there's a scene of Elmo and Big Bird driving in separate toy cars on the road.  The clouds, road, sky, and grass are all made out of icing.  Stop and Shop did a fantastic job on the cake and wrote "Happy 2nd Birthday Scarlett" in pink frosting.  Scarlett enjoyed the fact that the toy cars came off and could be played with.

The cake was truly fantastic and extremely fresh as it was made the same morning I picked it up.  I was in love as I took bite after bite of sweet, rich frosting paired with perfectly moist chocolate cake. What could be better? Scarlett loved the Elmo candle that we put on the cake.  You can never have enough Elmo on your cake and this added a little bit more of that furry monster happiness.  She enjoyed the cake and didn't seem to want to stop eating it.  I was happy that she was happy!

My guests devoured the cake and said it was the best cake they had in a long time! Some asked what bakery it came from and were surprised when I told them it was from the grocery store.

We have a lot of leftover cake even though I gave some to people to take home.  I can't stop myself from eating it, it's going to be a problem.  I definitely know where I'm going for any of my future cake needs!

Keep Stop and Shop in mind for not only birthday cakes but holiday entertaining orders as well.  They'll provide the freshest and most fabulous foods to make your party stand out.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Stop and Shop for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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