Monday, October 3, 2016

Strengthen Your Child's Creativity with Magformers #HolidayGiftGuide

One of my favorite things to do is sit back and see how Scarlett plays with her toys.  She frequently puts Mr. Potato Head's eyes where his ear should be, or she loves to build her own version of a tower using blocks.  It's interesting to see the thought and creative process behind how she decides to play with the toys.  I don't correct her or ever tell her she's doing it wrong, because every child is creative in their own way.

Magformers offers children a creative outlet by allowing them to enjoy magical and powerful magnets that can transform into just about everything! As Magformers expands its licensed line via Nickelodeon, they've recently released the Blaze Monster Machines 22 piece set.

Blaze can transform into many things including moon rovers and go karts! When you click and connect Magformers, you can match colors, characters, and shapes to build 8 different monster machines.  Add Blaze wheels to transform your ideas into cars and dune buggies.  Follow 4 double-sided play cards and change characters with 6 double-sided cards including Blaze, Crusher, Zeg, AJ, and more!  Your child will have hours of fun making anything their heart desires.

Scarlett does have a boyish side to her and enjoys cars and trucks just as much as her dolls! While she doesn't know the show or character Blaze, I knew she'd like to have magnets to create whatever she'd like.  The magnetic set is brightly colored and all of the cars and trucks will instantly catch your child's attention.  Scarlett loved seeing all of the characters on each piece and pointed to all of them.  Maybe now is a good time to show her Blaze on TV?

Even I enjoyed the toy and got down on the floor and played with Scarlett.  The magnets are strong and instantly secure to each other with ease.  She had fun seeing how the magnets adhere to each other and seemed very fascinated with that aspect.  The shapes are a triangle and a square, so I also took the opportunity to teach her which shape each one was.  Scarlett had fun seeing how the toy could instantly transform into a dune buggy or go-kart.  I love how versatile the toy is and it won't allow a child to become bored quickly at all.

Scarlett's reaction to Magformers!

Since the toy set is for ages 3 and up, she is a little young for it at 2 years old.  I do frequently allow her to play with toys for an older age, so that's not a problem.  The positive thing about this is that she'll enjoy it for a while to come!

If you have a Blaze fan in your family, this would be a perfect gift to buy them for Christmas!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Magformers for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own* 

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