Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Scarlett's Love Affair with Tomatoes

I'm not quite sure exactly when it started, but Scarlett is absolutely crazy about tomatoes.  If we're in the grocery store and we pass by the produce section and she sees tomatoes, she goes nuts.  She will reach for them and try to grab many boxes at once.  If I tell her no we have tomatoes at home or we don't need to buy them, she gets very upset and cries or screams.  People generally turn to see what the chaos is all about and it can be sometimes embarrassing!

I regularly have to have boxes of Campari tomatoes at the ready, because my child eats them like they're candy.  If you give her a whole tomato, unchopped, she'll eat it just like an apple.  It's pretty funny to watch.  She loves raw chopped tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, and tomatoes cut up in pasta or with chicken.  There's no denying that she loves that round veggie!

If you ask Scarlett if she wants tomatoes, she smiles and gets very excited.  You'd think I was offering her candy by her reaction.  Most kids don't love vegetables and it can be challenging to get them to eat them, so I consider myself lucky.  

When we go out to eat, we sometimes ask for a plate of chopped tomatoes to keep her happy and occupied while we wait for the food.  It makes her happy each and every time and she goes to town chowin' down!

Tomatoes also calm Scarlett down if she's upset or having a tantrum.  I'll put her in the highchair with one and she instantly feels better .  Did you know tomatoes are magic for toddlers? :)

I'd definitely say tomatoes are one of her favorite foods, hands-down.  She throws some food on the floor from her highchair, but you'll never see her throw tomatoes!

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