Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scarlett Loves Her Sister!

Ever since I can remember, Scarlett and Lynnie have had a special bond.  When I was pregnant, people were a little nervous at how Lynnie would react to Scarlett because she's a rescue dog.  Also, animals can be unpredictable no matter how friendly they are.  I tried to keep Lynnie away from Scarlett in the beginning because she was a tiny baby and I didn't know her intentions.  She was curious and tried to sniff her and get aquatinted with her.

As time went on, I couldn't deny the bond they had developed and I didn't try to either! Scarlett loves her sister and is always wanting to be with her.  When Scarlett wakes up in the morning and I go into her room to get her, Lynnie follows me.  She points at Lynnie and laughs and smiles and Lynnie usually licks Scarlett's feet which are through the crib bars.  Scarlett loves that!

During the day, Scarlett plays with Lynnie's toys with her.  She'll try to grab the toy from the dog's mouth and play tug of war, or she'll hand her her bones or balls.  Scarlett is a sweet sister and tries to do the best she can with her.  She enjoys petting Lynnie even though I have to remind her to be gentle.  Of course since she's a toddler she wants to try to touch Lynnie's ears or eye, and we're working on not doing that.  Lynnie is very patient with her and knows she's just a baby. 

Scarlett is always looking around for Lynnie if she's not in the same room as her.  If I have to take her upstairs to get dressed or for a bath, she points at Lynnie and wants her to come upstairs with her. 

Since Lynnie is a young dog, she'll be around to grow up with Scarlett.  I know they'll be best friends for years to come! 

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