Sunday, October 2, 2016

No Toybox is Complete Without Buddy Balls! #HolidayGiftGuide

Scarlett's crib is not only filled with many Elmo's, but also stuffed animals as well.  She sleeps with a menagerie of animal friends including dogs, birds, and even a glo-worm! Over the past few months she's really developed an interest in her plush friends and loves to cuddle and talk to them.  Her crib recently had an opening for a new furry friend and I knew a teddy bear was just what it needed!

Buddy Balls came from the idea to have a child's beloved plush friend turn into one of their other favorite toys, a ball! Buddy Balls are stuffed animals designed with a zipper and quickly turn inside out, converting into a plush ball from various sports: beach ball, football, soccer, and basketball.  Any boy or girl will be delighted to own a Buddy Balls and they'll love cuddling it at night.  A child's bond with a favorite toy can help build healthy relationships and cognitive skills from an early age.  
Many of our first best friends were stuffed toys we were given at a young age.  Buddy Balls make a perfect gift for children of all ages and your son or daughter would be delighted to see one underneath the Christmas tree this year! 

Eva the Buddy Balls has been introduced to our family and who could resist such an adorable face? This mocha-colored bear is made of the softest fur available and transforms into a fun grape and lime 8 inch green ball.  Eva unzips in the back to reveal a secret compartment perfect for storing life's little treasures. 

Scarlett took to Eva right away and touched her soft face and wanted to hug her.  She loved the fact that the bear also transformed into a ball and it made her laugh.  You'd never guess that the cute bear turns into a ball too, there's no hint of that except when you see the zipper in the back.  The zipper is easy to zip and unzip and you can have a ball or a bear whenever you'd like! 

Eva emerging

I showed Scarlett that there's a secret compartment in the back and she wanted to put a dollhouse doll in there as well as a pair of plastic toy keys.  Those are the things that she wants to put away for safe keeping, I suppose!

Why, hello there!

Eva has been a welcome addition to our family and Scarlett really loves her.  Since Eva is a larger bear, there's more to cuddle and love! She immediately wanted to put the bear in her crib and sleep with her too.  There's no denying a love between a child and a stuffed animal.

Buddy Balls would make a perfect present for any child on your holiday shopping list this year.  That smile that they'll give you when they see the toy will mean everything!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Buddy Balls for providing a product sample in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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