Monday, October 31, 2016

Make Sure Your Child Has a Birthday Shirt from Two Hearts in Stitches

I'm no stranger to loving personalized items for Scarlett.  There's just something so exciting and unique about having an item made to order that you can't buy in a store.  Scarlett has personalized books and toys in her room.  When she was a baby she had personalized bibs and onesies.  She is a lucky girl and I believe she loves the items just as much as her mom does.  If your child doesn't have anything personalized for them, it's time you order something special for them today!

Two Hearts in Stitches is an Etsy shop ran by owner Francine.  She creates custom embroidered and hand sewn children's shirts to make your child's next birthday party or occasion a real hit.  If your little one is having a themed birthday party such as Sesame Street or Hello Kitty, why not let them have a matching shirt to wear to their party? Their age is displayed next to their character of choice with their name underneath.  You can choose from a short or long-sleeved shirt in the color of your choosing, and several fonts are available for the text.  

If your child isn't having a birthday party in the near future, the shop also can do custom Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas shirts too. Your little one will look adorable in whatever shirt you choose! The shop has sizes starting as young as an infant. 

Scarlett's second birthday party is rapidly approaching and I couldn't be more excited! Since she loves Sesame Street so much, you can guess what the party theme is going to be! I know she'll be so excited when she sees all of the themed matching decor and tableware on the day of.  You only turn two once (but I'll be saying this for all of her future birthdays!) I just want her to have a fabulous birthday and a ton of fun.  I'm going slightly overboard with character cookies and hand-dipped chocolate covered Oreo's with Elmo's face on them among many other surprises.  The party will be fantastic!

What does the birthday girl wear to a Sesame Street party, you ask? Certainly not an everyday outfit of course.  Scarlett will be wearing a long-sleeved themed shirt from Two Hearts in Stitches! She was fortunate enough to have a special shirt made for her that is just too cute.  Since Elmo is her favorite Sesame Street character, I knew she'd love to have him on the shirt.  I designed the shirt myself picking from available fonts, fabrics, and colors.  In the end, I chose a pink and white chevron "2", Scarlett's name in a curly pink font, and of course that lovable Elmo! 

When the shirt came in the mail, I opened the package and instantly loved it.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine what something in your head will look like versus a hard copy, but it turned out wonderfully. The colors are bold and vibrant and the stitching and embroidery is top notch.  The quality of the shirt is made well and it fits with some room to grow, which is perfect since the party is in December.  I'm thinking black or pink boots would pair perfectly with the outfit to complete the ultimate toddler party look.

Scarlett absolutely loves the shirt and instantly pointed to Elmo and smiled.  That furry monster makes her smile all the time, he's like magic for toddlers!

I'm so satisfied with how the shirt came out and I cannot wait for her to wear it.  With only weeks to go until the birthday party, I won't have to wait too long! I'll definitely be keeping Two Hearts in Stitches in mind for any of my future themed shirt needs.

*DISCLOSURE* I received a product sample in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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