Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shark Vacuums Are Guaranteed to Make Your Carpet Smile

Between having a toddler and a dog, you can guarantee that I'm constantly cleaning my house.  My floors get washed several times a week and my couch and carpets are vacuumed every other day.  Having a clean and sanitized home is something that's important to me and my family.  Owning a quality vacuum that will give you that deep clean that you're looking for is on every mom's wish list.

Shark creates innovative vacuum cleaners, mops, and home care products.  You can bet that a Shark vacuum will do a fabulous job of cleaning your carpets and floors and leave you happy.  The steam mops are perfect for quickly sanitizing your floors without the hassle of a mop and bucket.  Shark products are quality made and will give you years of satisfaction.  If you know someone who recently moved into a new home, why not give them a Shark iron or steam mop as a gift? They'll absolutely love it! 

You can call me weird, but vacuuming is something I really enjoy.  There's something so satisfying and fulfilling about hearing the crunch of debris and dirt being sucked up.  When I see those perfect carpet lines after vacuuming, it makes me smile.  I'll even go back to my carpeted rooms to look at them hours after! What can I say, clean carpets make me happy.

I'm no stranger to owning a Shark product.  I received a Shark steam mop 3 years ago when I got married, and I regularly use it to this day.  My current vacuum was not leaving me as satisfied anymore.  I was in a vacuum rut and knew I needed something that would offer a deep clean as well as get into hard to reach areas.  My vacuum was not able to complete those tasks and it was time to find a new one.

When I heard about the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Speed, it was like the vacuum gods were answering my prayers.  A vacuum that could get underneath furniture, kitchen appliances, and even disconnect to vacuum stairs and curtains? Yes, please!

From the minute I started using my Shark, I was impressed.  The unit came with many attachments that are meant to not only make your house cleaner, but make your life easier too.  No longer do you have to move furniture to vacuum underneath, but now your vacuum cleans floor to ceiling with ease.  This beautiful blue vacuum and I became instant friends.  I thought my carpets were clean before, but wow was I wrong.  Just from cleaning one area rug, the dust canister was half full.  I was shocked but embarrassed! I couldn't believe my old vacuum left so much behind and fooled me into thinking it was doing a good job.

The unit offers 3 vacuums in one- compact high performance upright vacuum, powered lift-away portable vacuum with powered motorized floor brush in all modes, and lightweight portable pod for above floor cleaning.  The anti-allergen complete seal technology plus HEPA filtration will help with allergens in your home. You'll love how lightweight the vacuum is and the extra long cord for making sure all of your cleaning gets done.  

My 20 month old daughter even enjoyed the lift-away option and wanted to help me vacuum the stairs too! I think she might be Shark's youngest fan.  The lift-away option is truly genius.  You can hold a small part of the vacuum while making sure you get into every baseboard and nook and cranny while vacuuming the stairs.  Before, I used to have to drag my heavy vacuum up the stairs with me and I only got halfway done before I had to switch outlets due to a short cord.  I was able to do my whole staircase without switching outlets! I noticed that the suction power was very strong dirt was no match for the Shark. 

The vacuum isn't as quiet as previous ones I've used before, but since the suction is so powerful I'll take that con.  My home has truly never as clean as it is thanks to the Shark. I've been able to vacuum my curtains and blinds with the wand attachment and was amazed at the end result.  

I'm so happy with the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Speed and am excited to use it each and every time I vacuum.  I don't know how I lived without it before.  If you're looking to revolutionize your vacuum experience, it's time to introduce Shark vacuums into your life. 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Shark for providing me with a product sample in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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