Thursday, August 25, 2016

Keep Your Bathroom Happy With Charmin Toilet Paper #CharminEssentials #IC #ad

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For as far back as I can remember, I grew up with Charmin toilet paper in my house as a child.  My mom always said it was her favorite brand, and it was always what I was used to using.  Now as an adult, you can guarantee my own family's toilet paper holder always contains a roll of that same white paper that everyone loves.

Charmin has recently released Charmin Essentials Soft and Strong, which are two products that help to provide shoppers with what they want out of toilet paper.  With a price that is affordable for every family's budget, how could you go wrong? Charmin Essentials Soft provides Charmin like softness that everyone loves, while Charmin Essentials Strong provides a big roll guaranteed to last.  The brand encourages you to swap out your current toilet paper with Charmin Essentials and share your experience.  To participate in this opportunity, you can tweet your TP swap out request to @Charmin using the #CharminEssentials and #Promotion to receive your free Charmin roll! Terms and conditions can be read here.

Since I'm the main shopper in my family, it's up to me to make sure we have the best toilet paper possible.  I have three bathrooms in my house and you can imagine that it becomes expensive to keep each one stocked! There are a lot of toilet paper brands out there that are extremely cheap, but the quality of the product is terrible and rough.  I definitely don't want my family to use those.  Charmin Essentials Soft is a brand that that I trust and rely on for my family's use.  I buy a big bulk package of the toilet paper so it's guaranteed to last in all of my bathrooms for a while.  It does a wonderful job of cleaning while the softness can't be beat.  The price tag is very reasonable and offers a great value.  It's also gentle on your nose when you have a cold too.

You can guarantee that Charmin is the only brand of toilet paper that's ever been in my cart when I go to the grocery store.  Just the other day, a woman was watching me grab the package off the shelf and told me that I was making a great choice and it was also her family's favorite brand.  It felt nice to be complimented on choosing a great product for my family! My daughter Scarlett even loves the bear on the packaging and will point to it when she sees it.  She just may be Charmin's youngest fan!

If you're looking for a toilet paper brand that will leave you feeling clean and fresh, it's time to make the switch to Charmin Essentials.

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