Tuesday, July 26, 2016

All Toy Boxes Need Fisher-Price Toys in Them

Scarlett's close to 20 months old now and is shying away from standard baby toys.  We're saying goodbye to toys that rattle and hello to large playsets and toys that are more for her age range.  She loves nothing more than interactive toys that light up, talk, and play music.  Even though her attention span is still short at this age, she seems to enjoy those toys the most.

Fisher-Price is the headquarters for all toys and baby gear.  I've known about this brand for years and moms trust and depend on it.  When I think of toys, Fisher-Price is the first brand that comes to mind for infants and toddlers.  The adorable toys promote learning, hand-eye coordination, and development.

If you're looking for toys to help your child learn and grow while having fun, this is your brand. For all moms who are pregnant or who have recently had a baby, why not check out Fisher-Price's baby swings and play mats? Your baby will certainly enjoy those.  There are certainly a large amount of toys for pre-school age too.  Most of our toys at home are Fisher-Price and I wouldn't have it any other way! Keep the brand in mind for baby shower gifts as well as birthday presents for a lucky boy or girl.

Scarlett's extremely into music lately.  Whether she's listening to music on the radio or sees a commercial on TV, she will start dancing.  My husband took her to the park about a month ago and told me that a car drove by blasting loud rap music.  What did my child do? She started dancing! I of course found this hysterically funny.  Her dancing is adorable and she likes to drop her tiny booty down low!

When I heard about Fisher-Price's Dance and Move Beatbelle, I knew it would be perfect for Scarlett.  A toy that dances and plays music? This is Scarlett's dream toy!

The adorable little pink robot packs a lot of play.  Press Beatbelle's tummy or any of the buttons on her feet to activate fun songs, learning content, and dance moves.  There's even a special button that you can push that allows you or baby to record a phrase and it becomes remixed into a special song! Three modes are included with BeatBelle including Dance 'n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along which allow your child to grow with the toy for years to come.  Your child will have hours of fun when they're introduced to letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and more.

As soon as I took BeatBelle out of the box, Scarlett was interested.  This futuristic friend is always ready to dance and sing no matter what time of day or night.  Scarlett enjoyed watching her new playmate shake her hips and nod her head at the same time.  I'm always interested in toys that not only promote education but fun at the same time, this one certainly fits the bill.

Scarlett liked pushing BeatBelle's buttons and seeing which buttons did what.  I recorded a special phrase for her and even I enjoyed hearing what BeatBelle did with it!

It didn't take long for Scarlett to get up and dance to the catchy and fun music.  She was dancing around and laughing and absolutely loved BeatBelle.  What child wouldn't love this toy? BeatBelle encourages children to be active and move around which is important.  I like that the toy helps get some of my daughter's endless energy out too. The lights and sounds are so engaging for little ones.

BeatBelle is beyond cute and well-made, especially for potential abuse from little hands!  Her tummy colors light up vivid and bright and Scarlett was interested in pointing to each color as it flashed and I told her what it was.

An added bonus is that you get two toys when you order Beatbelle, the actual toy and the box it comes in too! Scarlett was thrilled with the box.

I know BeatBelle is going to be one of my daughter's new favorite toys for years to come, and I have to give all the credit to Fisher-Price.

If you're looking for a new and exciting toy for your little one, why not order Dance and Move BeatBelle today?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Fisher-Price for providing me with a product sample in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own

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