Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stage 3 Gerber Toddler Drink #FormulaForHappiness #Ad #Spon

It seems like just yesterday I got the all-clear from my pediatrician to start solids.  Scarlett was exactly 20 weeks old and I was so excited to begin.  I went to the grocery store and picked out a jar of green beans for her first meal.  Upon first taste, Scarlett burst into tears.  I remember being shocked at her reaction but I think it was just sensory overload for her. Soon after that, she bit the spoon so hard at each bite and wouldn't let go!

First time having solids!

Fast forward many months later and she's now the queen of food.  I'm very lucky that there isn't much that Scarlett refuses to eat.  My child devours fruits and vegetables first on her plate at mealtimes, and I'm sure every mom wishes her little one was like mine.  Usually, I feel bad telling people what a good eater she is because their child is beyond picky or barely eats.  My husband loves to say she gets her appetite from her dad! 

Mealtime can be stressful at times because Scarlett tends to throw her food from her highchair to the floor.  It's not that she doesn't want to eat, but enjoys feeding the dog a little too much.  This is one phase that I hope we get through quickly. 

If your child isn't the greatest eater and you struggle to get through mealtimes, there is an answer for you! I know every parent worries that their child isn't getting enough nutrients from table food when mealtime doesn't always go as planned.  Gerber's new toddler drink, Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink is specifically designed for toddlers ages 12-24 months.  It has essential nutrients to help fill common nutrient gaps that many toddlers experience as well as probiotics to support digestive health.  The drink nourishes toddler tummies so they can focus on what makes them, and you happy, their growing independence.

What are some of your favorite mealtime memories from when your children were babies or toddlers? It's certainly a milestone as babies turn into toddlers and grow and develop, but it's also sad too! Make sure you check out Gerber's store locator to see where you can find the closest retailer to you to buy the toddler drink!

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