Saturday, June 25, 2016

Find a Place in Your Heart for a Rescue Dog

Recuse dogs are very near and dear to my heart and it's a topic that I'm passionate about. There's nothing like giving a dog in need a home with your family.

My dog Lynnie was rescued from Angels Among Us in June 2013.  She was in Tennessee and arrived to us in New England on a special transport bus that was an 18 hour ride for her. The organization takes dogs in the south and transports them up and down the eastern seaboard to new families.  I don't know what Lynnie's former life was like, but she was found pregnant wandering the streets of Tennessee.  A dog foster family took her in and she had her 7 puppies at their home.  Many weeks later, her puppies were adopted into homes in New England and she came to live with us.

Lynnie with her children 

Lynnie is an anxious and nervous dog around new people, but she loves her family unconditionally. Rescue dogs can come with baggage depending on how severe their previous lives were.  With a loving family and care, they will adjust into their forever home.

I would recommend you not adopt a puppy from a pet store or even an ad in the newspaper.  Rescue dogs need loving homes and there's so many of them out there.  The sad fact is that since shelters fill up so quickly, many perfectly healthy and friendly dogs are killed to make room for other dogs if they don't get adopted fast enough.

We found Lynnie through, and there are so many rescue organizations out there that I'm sure you could find one in your area.  Why not find a place in your heart for a rescue dog today? 

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  1. She is a pretty dog. You can see she is skid-dish around people. Poor thing. How did she get along with the other dogs? I can't wait to have either a bigger place or a place of my own so I can get a rescue dog. It's a good thing you did.