Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scarlett 17 Month Update

Can you believe it? Scarlett's 17 months old now!

17 months has been such a fun age, but also brings a lot of challenges.  We've baby-proofed our home but Scarlett has broken all of the baby proofing devices on the cabinets.  We'll soon need to get magnetic baby proofing that secures with a magnet so she can't break it. There are three sets of gates for each level of stairs we have in our home.  Scarlett shook them so hard that they broke and no longer latch into place.  It's like living with a mini hulk! If you turn your back even for one second, you can guarantee something will be broken or is on the brink of being broken.  

Her personality is really shining through and she loves to laugh and be silly.  You can constantly find her laughing and hiding behind the curtains or doing something else that will make you smile.  

What's been wonderful to see is Scarlett's love of reading.  I think I mentioned in the last update that she loves to read but her zest for reading has increased.  She will sit on her rug in her room and just turn the pages for a long time while looking at each picture.  Scarlett has a few favorites including animal books.  I love that she loves to read! Of course she asks us to read each book over and over too. :) 

Scarlett will point to certain things on each page that interest her and I'll tell her what they are.  This is a great way for her to learn colors, shapes, animal names, etc.  I can see the entrance to her room from my room, so while she reads it allows me to fold a load of laundry.  It's always nice to be able to get something done with a little one around!

One thing that hasn't changed at all is Scarlett's love of eating.  Meal time is her favorite time of day and she gets so excited to see her plate go on her highchair tray.  Vegetables and fruit are her absolute favorites and she goes to those first on her plate no matter what's on it.  That makes me one proud mom!  She will truly eat everything and anything. I'm very lucky that she isn't the type of child who will only eat grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. She's eating a turkey burger for dinner tonight with edamame and last night she had lobster ravioli!

Everyday brings new and exciting changes with my favorite girl.  Over the last couple weeks Scarlett has really started grasping and understanding what's asked of her.  You can tell her to dance and she will move a little bit.  She also attempts to jump when she's asked to jump too.  If you ask her a simple command like bring me your shoes, she will pick them up and bring them to me.  It's amazing to see your child developing into a tiny person who understands what you're saying and can complete the task! Although Scarlett isn't talking yet, hopefully soon she will be. 

Scarlett's also learned how to climb on the couch herself and enjoys sitting there alone with a book.  She's learning how to walk up and down the stairs properly too.  I will hold her hand and we will walk up and down so she can get practice.  She can crawl up the stairs and also crawl down backwards, but walking up and down properly will take some work.  

We have such a fun summer planned too! I really can't wait.  Scarlett's going to Sesame Place for the first time in June, then we'll go see Grandma for 3 weeks, and then a 2 day trip to Cape Cod for my birthday in September! Besides our trips, Scarlett is doing an art workshop, and a drop-off summer camp too.  She's never been to an activity without me before so that'll be a first.  

Another exciting update is that Scarlett will be starting preschool in September! She'll be going one afternoon a week to start.  When she's 2, we'll increase it to two days a week.  I know it'll help her in so many ways and I'm excited for it!

Scarlett used to go to bed at 7, but now goes to bed closer to 8 pm.  She wakes up anywhere from 7-7:30 in the morning.  I'm lucky that she's been sleeping through the night since 6 months old! 

I can't believe she'll be 2 at the end of the year.  Time is flying by so fast.  I wish it would slow down sometimes.  I'm sure at the end of the year she'll be a completely different child and talking up a storm! 

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