Monday, April 18, 2016

Nutrisystem Update Week 2 #NSNation

This is my second week down on Nutrisystem and I have lost one additional pound.  I seem to have somehow gained one pound back, so my weight loss currently is two pounds.  I definitely can feel that I've lost those two pesky pounds though.  You might not think two pounds is a lot, but you surely can feel that initial weight loss.

For my second week on Nutrisystem, I was able to finally enjoy some of the frozen options sent to me.  What stood out to me the most was the red velvet whoopie pie, the chocolate cupcake, the grilled chicken sandwich, the hamburger, and the cinnamon roll.  I wish I was sent more of these selections, they're so good!  I also enjoyed French toast, pancakes, and waffles for breakfast.  Who else could say they were on a diet when eating pancakes for breakfast? I love it!

Cinnamon roll and apples for breakfast

I had one night where I felt very weak with hunger.  It was just one of those days where you had to see your husband eating a whole pizza and the temptation was very real.  I tried to eat as much veggies as I could that night, but all I wanted was grilled cheese and fries.  Luckily I got through that night but it wasn't easy.  That was the only time during the week that I felt like that.

I'm still working on drinking more water, but I've bought flavor packets to enhance my water which helps.  Who doesn't love a big glass of strawberry lemonade flavored water? Yum! 

I was able to go to the gym twice this week to exercise, I wish I could go more but it's not easy with nobody to watch my toddler except at night.

Chicken sandwich, I love you.

What's keeping me motivated is the fact that I feel better and can see a difference in myself already.  I know if I keep going, I'll be so happy and satisfied.

Stay tuned for next week's update! 

*DISCLOSURE* I am receiving NutriSystem for 3 months in exchange for blogging about my weight-loss journey.  

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