Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scarlett 14 Months Update

Scarlett is officially 15 months tomorrow! This month brought so much change and development, it's crazy!

Scarlett started walking at the end of February.  She had been taking small steps for a few weeks and at one point just got up and walked.  People ask me if I can recall the exact moment she started walking, but I cannot.  I can only say that one minute she was crawling, and the next she was walking! She is still a little unsteady on her feet, but getting better everyday.  I took her to Stride Rite last week to get some real walking shoes with support.  She has many shoes in her closet, but they are for fashion and not the best for her feet.  

I can't say I notice a big difference with her getting into everything now that she's walking.  Everyone says oh when they start walking, watch out! She was getting into everything when she crawled, so it's not much of a change.

We've finally made the transition from bottle to sippy cup! My pediatrician told me at 12 months to get her off the bottle.  It wasn't as hard as I thought and I honestly should have done it before 14 months.  Scarlett didn't notice that the bottle is gone and loves to drink her milk.  Next step is getting rid of the pacifier! I'm sure that project won't be as simple as getting rid of the bottle.  

Scarlett's first word was mama, which was very exciting! I was thrilled because I stay-at-home with her and spend every waking moment with her. I would hope she appreciates me! :) I have it recorded on my phone which makes it extra special.  It's fun to watch it and it always makes me smile.  She hasn't said any other words yet.  

This girl's appetite is out of control.  I'm sure everyone's seen the pictures of her food that I sometimes post on my Facebook fan page.  It's true, she really eats as much as a grown man!  Her breakfast can consist of a slice of toast with jelly, eggs, and fruit.  Scarlett never says no to food which is wonderful.  She is not picky at all and will eat whatever you serve her happily.  Some of her favorite foods are chicken, blueberries, cheesticks, and Greek yogurt. I love that she is a big fan of veggies too!  She also loves snacks like Goldfish or peanut butter crackers.  If you eat around her, forget it! Scarlett will walk over to you and grunt and make noise until you give in.

What I've noticed most about this month is how much she's able to understand and grasp.  She's starting to recognize animals more and can point to a picture of a dog in a book when you ask her.  If you also ask her simple requests like to pick up her pacifier, or hand me a specific toy, she'll do it.  I love that she can clap on command too.  It's crazy how much she's changing! 

Scarlett is generally a really happy baby.  She walks around laughing and smiling all day.  When she's happy, she screams! It's pretty funny.  She absolutely loves to play.  What I've noticed recently is how much of an interest she's taken in books.  She loves to hold books and turn the pages and "read." We read all day long to her and it's really been beneficial.  I love that she has a big zest for reading and I hope that continues as she gets older.

Another thing that's new is that Scarlett will point at things that interest her. She'll point at an object and I'll tell her what it is.  There's been a big love affair with the light switch lately.  She loves to turn it on and off.  Silly girl! If you ask her to hug something, she puts the item near her head and rests her head on it.  That's her version of a hug and it's very sweet. 

I can't wait to see what the next few months brings! I'll be sure to keep you all updated.  

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