Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FreshPet Review

My dog Carolyn has three loves in life; her food, her toys, and her family.  She eats, sleeps, and breathes food.  I can assure you that when she's awake she's plotting how to get more food and when she's sleeping she's dreaming of it.  If you show her a bag of treats she will patiently sit and wag her tail, while staring at you with big eyes. She can hear the box of treats rustling from a mile away too.  Why not make your dog the happiest pup on the block with delicious dog food from FreshPet?

FreshPet is the first pet food company to provide fresh refrigerated pet food in grocery and pet speciality stores nationwide.  The brand uses the highest quality meats, poultry, and fish combined with fresh veggies and fruits.  There are no artificial preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat, or by-products.  Delight your dog with such tasty flavors as tender chicken with spinach and potato, or roasted lamb with vegetables and barley.  Don't forget the treats either.  What dog can resist turkey bacon or chicken treats? Treat your dog like a king or queen and introduce FreshPet into their lives today.

Lynnie received a large shipment of FreshPet branded products and couldn't wait to dig in. She doesn't mess around with food.  When she sees food, she wants it and she wants it now. As a pet parent, I appreciate the fact that I'm feeding my dog nutritious food that is natural and healthy for them.  

We received a nice selection of products including dog food, treats, and the grain free selections.  Lynnie was very excited about the tender chicken and veggies, as well as the chunky chicken and rice.  She loves chicken and rice.

For dinner last night, she dined like a queen and indulged in the tender chicken and veggies. This was very thrilling for her because she doesn't receive high quality meals like this all the time.  It was a special night for her! She gobbled it all up happily.  I know she's looking forward to trying the other flavors too.  The good thing is that the food stays good in the fridge for months.  So if you don't want to give Fido or Sparky the food everyday so it lasts, it works in your favor.

The treats aren't going to last more than a few days in this house.  Lynnie's middle name should have been treats, thats how much she enjoys them.  Check out her reaction to the DogJoy turkey bacon treats! I'm lucky I still have a hand to type this post with. :)

These turkey bacon slices look very realistic and even smell like turkey bacon.  I wished I could have one, but I'm not a dog so I'll stick to the real thing.  Lynnie gobbled it up in 1 second and looked at me for more.  It's safe to say that she's a fan!

If you're looking to make your dog happy with food that's not only delicious but healthy too, FreshPet is waiting to meet your pooch's belly.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to FreshPet for providing me with product samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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