Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Everyone Loves Jigsaw Puzzles

Why Jigsaw Puzzles Will Never Die!

Jigsaw puzzles are about as traditional as it gets when it comes to things you can play with and relax over. They’ve been around since 1767, when they were invented in England as a teaching aid for kids. You would think then, that jigsaw puzzles wouldn’t do a lot to capture our imaginations in an age where we can get new puzzle games in an instant on our tablets and phones, and when children can play sophisticated video games rather than messing about with a box full of pieces to make up a picture. However, jigsaws remain popular, with children and adults alike, and if you check out Stave’s jigsaw puzzle site you’ll see that they are also popular gifts. 
Why is it that this simple concept has stood the test of time as a physical object, when so many other traditional puzzles and games have either diminished in popularity altogether or converted into a digital form?

Jigsaws Are Relaxing
Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a great balance between being challenging enough to keep your mind occupied, and relaxing. It takes time and concentration, and at a time where other traditionally relaxing activities like coloring are becoming popular again, taking some time to puzzle over a jigsaw can be a satisfying break from dealing with technology and fast paced life. 

They Can Be Done as a Family, or Alone
Another great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that while they are nice to do on your own, there is really no limit to how many people you can have working on a large, difficult puzzle with you. This can make them a nice thing to do as a family, even with very young children. You can work as a team to complete the puzzle, and enjoy some quality time together chatting as you sort through pieces and match them together.

Jigsaws Don’t Work Well as Apps
Another reason why jigsaws are still popular as ‘real world objects’, when other puzzles mainly exist in app form, is that they just don’t work very well as digital puzzles. Dragging and dropping pieces to make a picture on an app just doesn’t recreate the main work involved in completing a physical jigsaw, and when you’ve finished, all you have is another photo on your screen – it really doesn’t create the same sense of satisfaction as making a real jigsaw and finding the place for every last piece!

They Are Easily Customized
Jigsaws can be made featuring any image you want, so whether you are looking for something really difficult, like those jigsaws that make up a picture of lots of very similar things so they are hard to do, something beautiful, or something with a picture relevant to you, you can get it. Some people even have family photos made into jigsaw puzzles to give as gifts.
These are just some of the reasons why the jigsaw puzzle as a personal or family activity will always remain popular.

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