Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beauty Brands Review

As a mom of a young child, I don't always have a lot of time for a complex beauty routine. My child has little to no patience when I get ready and can only be entertained by toys for so long.  On the days that we don't leave the house, I don't wear makeup or blow-dry my hair. When we do go out, I have a standard beauty routine that takes a minimal amount of time.  I'm always looking for ways to cut corners but still look good at the same time.

Beauty Brands is a one-stop retail and online shopping destination for all things beauty.  The company offers products for skin, hair, nails, bath & body, and of course makeup and hair tools.  If you're looking to change up your look, why not try top makeup brands such as Tarte, Too-Faced, Stila, Laura Gellar and more? All makeup bags could use some new products from time to time, I know mine certainly can! Don't forget to take care of your skin with lotions and cleansers too.  Keep Beauty Brands in mind for any of your future gift-giving needs.  Everyone deserves to be spoiled from time to time.  

I was fortunate enough to receive products of my choosing from Beauty Brands.  Since my hair dryer has been on the fritz, I chose FHI's Heat Platform Hair Dryer in Strawberry Ice, the link is not available on the website anymore.  I've been looking to change up my makeup in the past and was excited to try Laura Geller's Simply Luminous 5-piece kit. Lastly, I chose Too Faced's LashGASM Mascara to complete my beauty look.  

After I took a shower today, I knew it would be a great time to try out the new products.  I first used the blow-dryer, which I was really looking forward to.  My old dryer sparked during the course of me drying my hair, and I knew it wasn't safe to continue using it.  I was glad to have a new and upgraded dryer that cuts blow-drying time in half, and is also feather light and has a quiet motor.  The tourmaline ceramic feature dries hair evenly and produces amounts of negative ions to help seal in moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz, and help eliminate static.  What more could you want out of a dryer?

What I absolutely love off the bat about the dryer is the color.  This beautiful strawberry ice color is simply gorgeous and I can't get enough of it.  It's smaller and much more compact than my old dryer, but doesn't fold up for easy storage.  The dryer comes with three attachments, a speed dry nozzle, a curl defining finger diffuser, and a straightening comb.  My last dryer had no attachments, and I might as well have been living in the dark beauty ages!

The motor is truly whisper quiet and it performs fantastically.  In combination with using the speed dry nozzle, my hair was dry in record time.  I really couldn't believe it because my hair is long and it usually takes a while to dry.  This will really save me time in the morning especially when Scarlett doesn't want to wait for me to get ready! 

Laura Geller's Simply Luminous kit comes with a moisturizing primer and peachy highlighter to instantly illuminate your look, while their easy to wear eyeshadow trio and liquid lipstick brings out your natural allure.  The kit also contained a double-ended brush for flawless application.  A really nice advantage of this kit is that everything is included, you don't need to think about buying pieces individually.  Everything comes ready for you to use, with no thought required.

It's been a while since I had new makeup, and every lady always wants a change once in a while.  The makeup primer went on easily and smooth and I was able to use my regular foundation in coordination.  My skin looked great thanks to the primer! The birthday cake eye trio contained such beautiful colors that all complimented each other well.  I was able to use the included brush to apply the eyeshadow.  The trio gave me a smoky eye look that I really liked.

Oh, but that lipgloss! It's hard to buy a new lipstick or lipgloss without testing it out.  Ask me how many lip colors I've bought over the years that look great on the shelf, but not so great on my lips.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the color.  The shade is called cherry almond and it's a beautiful muted shade. I'll definitely be using this lipgloss on a regular basis.

To really give my eyes a pop, I used Too Face's LashGASM.  This mascara creates dramatically long lashes instantly.  Once I used the mascara, I instantly noticed how long and beautiful my lashes were. It was like I was wearing false eyelashes, but I wasn't! The mascara applies easily and effortlessly and I had no issues at all using the wand.

I'm very satisfied with the products I chose from Beauty Brands, and I can't wait to use them in my daily beauty routine.  If you're in the market to upgrade your appearance or try something new, Beauty Brands is waiting for you. 

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Beauty Brands for providing me with a gift card in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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