Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year's Eve

With New Years Eve just days away, what are your plans? Are you having one final holiday party of the season, or maybe you'll just be spending it with your family? However way you do it, make sure you have fun!

Since Scarlett goes to bed at 7 pm, it'll just be my husband and I ringing in the New Year. We'll get some yummy eats and pile in front of the TV with Lynnie of course.  When Scarlett gets older I can't wait to incorporate her into our NYE plans.  I know she'll be excited to watch the ball drop.

Does anyone have any special traditions or rituals that your family practices for NYE? I know some people eat certain foods to ensure good luck in the new year, etc.  

Don't forget to eat tons of chocolate and champagne too.  Be safe and have a healthy and happy New Year to all! 

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