Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Personalization Mall Review

My memories of Halloween growing up are magical.  This was the one time a year where you could receive tons of delicious treats in a bag while wearing a fantastic costume.  What child wouldn't love that? Now that I have my own baby, I look forward to this fun event every year and seeing the excitement through her eyes.

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As a child, I absolutely loved Halloween.  My friends and I would trick or treat in our neighborhood and we enjoyed the anticipation of not knowing what treats each house would give.  Would the house with the blue shutters give out mini chocolate bars while the brick house gave out lollipops? We would practically run up to each house's front door in extreme excitement.  Once you saw that huge bowl of candy in the hands of the homeowner, you knew you were in for something delicious.

Now that I have Scarlett, Halloween has a whole different meaning.  I always say that once you have a child, you get to experience childhood all over again.  I've decorated my house with witches, ghouls, goblins and pumpkins to get in the Halloween spirit.  Even though Scarlett is too young to understand what Halloween is, she's certainly interested in touching all of the decorations.  I can't wait for her to help me decorate as she gets older.

Halloween is not complete without personalized treat bags! Every child would love to carry a bag with their name on it while they get their candy loot.  Since it's Scarlett's first Halloween, I knew she had to have something adorable to go trick or treating with.

Scarlett received the Miss Pumpkin Embroidered Plush Trick or Treat Bag and the All Mine! Personalized Halloween Treat Bag.  We have several Halloween events to go to in my mom's group, and our town has events too.  These bags will surely get a lot of use in the month of October.

Unicorn girl ready to trick or treat!

The Miss Pumpkin treat bag is absolutely adorable.  It's a modern day version of the plastic pumpkin bucket that everyone had for their candy as kids.  Scarlett was very interested in the friendly girly pumpkin face and kept touching her eyes and mouth.  Not only is the bag high quality and durable, but spacious too.  The handle is easy to carry, which I'm sure she'll want to hold.  I love that her name is embroidered on it in a cute, whimsical font.  Scarlett can't eat candy, but her mom can! There's plenty of room inside to hold her sweet treats. The orange color is bright and inviting and certainly screams Halloween.  Do you think Scarlett will share her treats with me? Let's hope so! This basket is not babyish at all, and I can certainly see her using this bag for some years to come.

Any child would be delighted to use the All Mine! bag for their Halloween loot this year. This black bag features Scarlett's name in white, orange, and purple colors against a black background. I love that the colors help the black background to pop.  Since she's only 10 months old, it might be a little bit harder for her to carry the bag when it becomes weighted with items.  I'll be there to help though.  My eyes are turning into liquid chocolate as I imagine the dozens and dozens of treats that will soon fill her bag and make my stomach happy! The bag is made of a poly cotton blend and seems very durable.

The bag is machine washable which allows a kid to use it over and over again.  The colors are reminiscent of Halloween, but that doesn't mean a child can't use it as a bag for anything else when it's not Halloween.  Use the bag to hold library books, toys when visiting a friends house, or anything else.  The fact that it's versatile is very convenient.

We're very satisfied with these treat bags and can't wait to use them this Halloween and of course many more in the future.

I'm sure that any child would be delighted to see their name embroidered on a Halloween treat bag.  They will absolutely love it.  If your child doesn't yet have a treat bag, why not consider Personalization Mall for theirs?

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Personalization Mall for providing me with complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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