Saturday, August 8, 2015

Scarlett 8 Month Old Update

Tomorrow, Scarlett is officially 8 months old! Can you believe it? In just four months, she'll be a year old! Time is flying by.

The last time I gave you an update on her was her 6 month update.  She's doing way more things now and is so fun.

Scarlett is crawling and can easily go wherever she wants to now and get into plenty of things that aren't for her.

She is teething and has two teeth coming in on the bottom.  They seem to be taking a very long time to come through her gums, but it should be any time now.

Scarlett LOVES to play peekaboo and will crack up whenever you play it with her.  You have to be careful because she gets so into it that it can be dangerous.  We were playing it in the bath the other day and she was so excited about it that she fell and hit her head.  It was a little ridiculous, but the girl loves that game!

Bath time is a favorite.  She loves to play and splash for as long as you let her.  We're big on bath toys and she also loves when you make her bath pink with the colored tablets.

We're on a schedule now.  For the past two months Scarlett sleeps from 7-7.  She has 3 solid meals a day and 3 bottles.  I'm SO happy to be done with night feedings!!!!!! She loves to eat but isn't big on trying things that she hasn't previously had.  For instance today, she tried hummus and hated it.  Sometimes it's just the texture though and if we try again she's fine with it.  

She's still usually a very happy baby.  When she's sad though she becomes hysterical.  

We're in the midst of planning Scarlett's first birthday party and I am beyond excited!

Halloween is approaching and I can't wait to dress her up and take her trick-or-treating.  She's going to be a pumpkin this year.  So fun!

Scarlett also loves to play with toys and spends hours playing in her playroom. She still loves her ballpit too.

I'll have another update for you at 12 months!

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