Thursday, July 2, 2015

Text Muse Is The Newest App You Need #Sp #TextYourFavoriteThings

If you take a look at your smartphone, you'll likely see a multitude of apps ranging from games and fitness to stores and recipes.  Certain apps are lifesavers and I have a baby and cooking app on my phone that I use daily.  Everybody shares pictures and content on a regular basis, wouldn't it be nice if you had all of your important content at your fingertips?

Text Muse makes it easy to share great content with friends and family at just a click of a button.  This free app is available for download via the iTunes store and Google Play.  Whether you want to send Grandma pictures of her newest grandchild, or show off a picture of your dog to your friends, Text Muse is a one-stop-shop.  The app allows for group texts to be received no matter what phone the recipient has.  How convenient is that?  If you're looking to send something funny or inspirational, you're in luck! Text Muse has a gallery of content ranging from quotes, recipes, hilarious memes, videos, and much more.  There's no other app quite like this one and it's surely a hidden gem.   Text Muse is the only messaging app that lets you discover and share content with your social circle via text.

I'm always sending updates about my daughter Scarlett to my friends and family.  It would be wonderful to send pictures of her to everyone at once so you don't forget anyone.  Of course when I'm feeling silly those memes will come in handy too!

These Soy Noodles look awesome!

I love that any content you want to share and send is possible with this app.  With just a simple push of a button, everyone can see what makes you happy or laugh.  If you're looking to download the newest and best app, Text Muse is waiting to be installed on your phone today.

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