Thursday, June 4, 2015

Equipt Baby Review

Having a baby requires so much more than diapers, wipes, and clothes.  Your little one needs a secure and safe place to sleep all the time.  If you're traveling, it's not always feasible to bring a pack and play with you especially if you have little space for it.  Your baby can't sleep in the stroller or car seat either, so what do you do? Equipt Baby is here to make one less worry go away for new parents.

Equipt Baby is a portable bassinet that fully expands in two seconds with one hand.  Forget lugging a pack and play or cosleeper to Grandma's house, this saves so much time and space.  The portable bassinet features all-around mesh screen window to easily keep an eye on baby.  The included pad insert is lightweight and machine washable for convenience.  A newborn baby sleeps all the time and this would be great to bring to the park, the beach, or even a friend's house so baby can snooze soundly and comfortably.  

Although Scarlett isn't a newborn anymore, she does still take plenty of naps.  She is almost 6 months old and takes 2-3 naps a day everyday.  I usually blog from my laptop on my couch in my living room, but it can get frustrating when I have to run up and down the stairs to tend to her crying in her crib.  I don't have a portable crib in my living room, so Scarlett has to sleep in her crib in her room.  It would have made my life so much easier in her first few weeks and months of life if I had an Equipt Baby portable bassinet! I remember the stress of having a screaming baby who was tired but had no where to sleep when we were on-the-go.  The Equipt portable bassinet would have made life so much easier back then. 

Just hangin' out!

I know that this bassinet is for smaller babies, but Scarlett does fit in here at almost 6 months old.  She still sleeps on her back and doesn't roll over during sleep so it works.  I set it up in my living room and she enjoys hanging out in there and playing with her toys, when she's not napping.  It's almost like a little fort for her! It makes blogging so much easier too.  I know she's safe and contained in the bassinet and I can see her too.  This mom really appreciates the peace of mind of not worrying. The product is well made and durable. Scarlett will soon outgrow it but I am enjoying it while we can use it.  For a new baby, they would be able to use it for months to come.  The pad inside is comfortable and thick too. 

The best part about this light-weight bassinet is that it folds up for easy storage.  Throw it in your trunk or carry-on bag for traveling.  When you're not using it, just simply store it in your garage or closet.  The machine washable pad is convenient if baby has a diaper leak or spits up.  I feel that every new mom needs to have the Equipt portable bassinet for their little one.  It makes an excellent baby shower or new baby gift!

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Equipt Baby for providing me with a complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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