Thursday, May 28, 2015

Three Dog Bakery Review

My dog Carolyn has three loves in life; her treats, her toys, and her family.  She eats, sleeps, and breathes treats.  I can assure you that when she's awake she's plotting of how to get more yummies, and when she's sleeping she's dreaming of them.  Carolyn does not discriminate against any treat but loves them all too much.  If you show her a bag of treats she will patiently sit and wag her tail, while staring at you with big eyes. She can hear the box of treats rustling from a mile away too.  This girl loves her treats! Why not make your dog the happiest pup on the block with delicious dog treats from Three Dog Bakery?

Three Dog Bakery is the key to every canine's heart.  Since 1989, the bakery has been selling all-natural dog and puppy treats, food, biscuits, and gifts.  You can rest easy knowing the delectable treats are made with only quality and wholesome ingredients.  Your dog will go woofin' crazy for flavors such as classic peanut wafers, strawberry cremes, and vanilla wafers.  Go ahead and delight your pooch's taste buds with flavored biscuits like cheese or apples and oats.  New summer flavors have been recently released which is music to your dog's ears.  While you enjoy your favorite summer treats, your pet can enjoy theirs too!

A UPS box recently showed up for Carolyn on our doorstep.  It's rare that Lynnie gets mail, so you can only imagine how excited she was! Inside was four new "ice cream" treat varieties that have debuted for summer.  She went nuts upon seeing them and her tail was like a metronome.  No dog can resist flavors like rocky road, mint carob chip, cookie dough, and neapolitan.  The best part is that the treat containers look like ice cream cartons.  Too cute!  The dog treats smelled like the real ice cream flavors and they looked almost good enough to eat.  Although I'll save the taste testing to Carolyn.

I let Lynnie sniff all of the containers so I could see which flavor she liked best.  She seemed to sniff the rocky road more than the other containers, so that was the winner!  Rocky road is one of my favorite ice cream flavors. How fun that it's made in a safe "ice cream" flavor for pooches! I hoped my love of that treacherous road would be passed on to my dog daughter too.

Lynnie waiting to attack her snack. Can you blame her though? 

Carolyn absolutely loved the bite-sized treat and would have happily eaten them all if I let her.  It's so funny how the treats look like the real ice cream flavor they're supposed to be. The cookie dough even has the bits of cookie speckled throughout it like true cookie dough ice cream.  Lynnie inhaled the treat in one second flat, so it's safe to say that she enjoyed it!  Of course she licked her lips while looking at me for more afterwards.  Lynnie is a little greedy sometimes, but that's okay!

I can't wait to have her sample the other flavors very soon.  Each container comes with a generous amount of treats, so it will surely last you a while.

If you're looking to make your dog's taste buds and tummy very happy, it's time to introduce them to Three Dog Bakery.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Three Dog Bakery for providing me with complimentary samples in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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