Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skip Hop Review

When you're out and about with baby, it may seem like your diaper bag never has enough storage.  How can you efficiently store your own things in it, along with baby's and your toddlers? A bag and purse can only hold so much! The basket on the bottom is a nice addition, but what do you do when you fill that up too? It's safe to say that you need extra storage and to be able to bring even more essentials with you along for the ride. Luckily, Skip Hop is here to help.

Skiphop is the ultimate headquarters for anything baby and child.  The brand offers designer diaper bags, developmental toys, zoo packs, bath toys, and nursery and crib decor. Skiphop's products are adorable and will instantly get you many compliments.  Your child will surely love to play with their turtle island bath playset the next time they take a bath, or be rinsed with a fun whale shaped bath rinser.  If you're expecting a new baby, why not outfit your child's nursery and crib with a treetop friends or springtime birdie themed room? Skiphop is your go-to brand for making sure all of your kiddy needs are covered.

Lately, I've been using my stroller more than ever when I go out with Scarlett.  We've recently been to the park, the grocery store, the mall, and even the nail salon! I don't like to bring my purse with me when I'm out with her because it's one more thing I have to carry.  Usually, I just put my wallet, phone, and keys in a pocket in the diaper bag.  I've been wishing for some extra storage for the stroller and thought that it just wasn't an option.  When I realized that Skip Hop had a Stroller Saddlebag, it was like all of my storage dreams had come true!

This handy bag attaches itself to the side of any stroller with ease.  You'll have so much more room you won't know what to do with it.  I hope you'll store some cookies in there! 

If you're a mom, this saddlebag is a definite must for your stroller.  If you're like me and wondering how you can tote snacks, sippy cups, toys, bottles, diapers, wipes, and everything else at once, wonder no more! 

Every Mom needs something to call her own once in a while.  Let this bag be just for you, and keep your child's things separate from it.  Why not even call it the Mom saddle bag? Put your sunglasses, wallet, phone, iPod, and anything else in there too.  You'll feel happy knowing that the bag is connected to your stroller and can hold anything you want.  The insulated interior also keeps food cold after supermarket trips which is a big plus in any mom's book.

I don't know how I managed motherhood without this saddlebag previously.  It attaches onto my stroller effortlessly and securely stays on.  The bag is durable, lightweight, and made well.  Since my stroller is black and red, the sleek black bag matches perfectly.  I have a Skip Hop diaper bag that I also love, so I feel proud to have two brands on my stroller that I'm a loyal fan of.  I used it for the first time today and really enjoyed it.  My daughter and I went to the park and I was able to fit my phone, wallet, car keys, book, and even water bottle inside.  There was even some room left! How fantastic is that?

I'll surely be using this bag for years to come.  It's wonderful that I don't have to carry my purse and a diaper bag along with my child all at once anymore.  Let's just say that makes for some back pain! With the Skiphop saddle bag riding on the side of the stroller, I'll always be able to take anything I need with me.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Skip Hop for providing me with a complimentary product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are strictly my own. 

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