Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scarlett is now 3 months old!

Scarlett is now 3 months old! I can't believe it.  It feels like just yesterday she came home from the hospital.

As much as I want her to stay little forever, it's just not possible.  I am excited at watching her grow and develop and I've already seen so many developments over these past 90 days. Also, her 3 month wardrobe is adorable and I can't wait for her to wear her clothes.  I tell everyone that her newborn clothes weren't extremely exciting, but just wait till she hits 3 months!

Scarlett went to the doctor yesterday and now weighs a little over 11 pounds.  She's still in newborn diapers at 13 weeks old and that baffles me.  The doctor told me that she sees a huge improvement from her 2 month visit in terms of engagement and socialization. Scarlett perfectly tracks objects now and smiles at practically everything.  She's usually a very happy baby unless she's hungry or tired.  I love to hear her "talk" and she's recently been doing that more than ever.  When you stick out your tongue at her, she'll smile back. It's so cute!

Pretty in pink at 3 months old

I've really been enjoying Scarlett lately.  We went on our first trip together recently to visit my parents.  I wasn't sure how she would do on the plane but it wasn't that terrible! Jet Blue gave me a little wings sticker for her, which was very cute.  I put both the sticker and her boarding pass in her baby book for her as a momento of her first trip.  Scarlett had so many firsts while down in Florida.  Since it's been so cold in Connecticut, she's never really been able to go out on a stroller ride.  She had her first stroller ride outside and couldn't stop looking at the trees and the sky.  We took her to the mall, the grocery store, and out to dinner.  I couldn't believe how good she was.  She either slept at each place, or was content enough to just watch everything around her without crying.  

Ready to fly!

Scarlett's first purchase at the mall.  She can't wait to use her new clutch.

She also had a photo session on the beach with many outfit changes.  Since it's Florida, she had to have painted toenails with special baby safe nail polish of course.

Just chillin'.  Do you like my rubber duck?

My first time at the beach with Mommy!

My first pedicure

Scarlett had so much fun at Grandma's.  She is hoping to visit again soon. There was also a big development while on our trip, Scarlett slept through the night for the first time! I couldn't believe that she slept from 10:30-6 AM! I recently increased her formula and it's helping her sleep better and longer.
What am I about to get into?

Lynnie has also been less jealous lately of Scarlett.  She's been licking her more and wanting to lay near her and spend more time with her too.  This is a big improvement! Check out my babies in bed together yesterday.
Love these two!

Scarlett has recently started enjoying TV too.  I don't let her watch it for a long period of time, but we do hang out in bed together during the day and watch it.  She'll eventually fall asleep and I'll move her to her crib. The bright colors and moving images certainly hold her attention.
TV Girl for life

We've also started physical therapy for her torticollis.  I'm hoping we see progress soon! 

Scarlett is going to her first story time at the library on Friday, and then she has a play gym class afterwards.  I hope she has fun.  I can't wait to watch her continually grow and develop in the coming months.  I'm also extremely looking forward to taking her to the pool this summer, dressing her up for Halloween, and then celebrating her first birthday!

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