Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pink Tulips Review and Giveaway

My husband and I moved into our current house last May.  The apartment we came from had a gigantic closet that I truly miss.  Our closet in this house is not that large and I had to part with some clothing and accessories to make room for everything.  My purse collection has always been on the larger side, but I don't use every purse frequently.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an interchangeable purse to ensure constant use all the time? You'd certainly be getting your money's worth then! Pink Tulips is here to make all of your purse dreams a reality.

Pink Tulips is every purse lover's dream! This flowery business was started by founder Annette.  She offers different styles and colors of purses to make any woman smile.  One of the most unique things she offers is the Poppy Clutch Starter Set. This beautiful clutch is offered in either leather or fabric and comes with six poppets, which are interchangeable color pops that attach to the front flap with a magnetic closure.  You can choose from various clutch colors including black, polkadot, gold, and white.  Depending on which clutch you choose, each set of poppets is different.  The starter set makes a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend.  Go ahead and introduce the clutch to your closet today.

I was sent a black linen Poppy Clutch Starter Set for review.  When you go to a party or event, it's usually a lot easier to bring a clutch with you than carry your regular purse.  The clutch is on the medium size I would say.  It's not overly large but not too small either.  It comes with a gold chain strap if you don't feel like carrying the clutch or holding it under your arm.  I feel that the clutch is made well and very durable.

The Poppy Clutch Starter System offers you different clutches all in one!

Pair this Rose Poppet clutch with your favorite little black dress and red heels, and you'll be ready for a fun night out!

The inside of the clutch is very roomy and offers you ample space for anything you need to put in it.  I'd throw a credit card and some cash inside along with my phone, ID, and lipgloss.

The poppets are truly the most unique invention ever.  I have several clutches already, but what am I supposed to do when I don't have one that exactly matches what I'm wearing? It's not an option to continuously buy new clutches as that would be very expensive.  With the Poppy Clutch Starter Set, I'll always be able to use the clutch with anything I'm wearing.

Each Poppet securely sticks to the front flap and stays on without worry.   My set came with poppets in colors that I wear on a regular basis, so it's just perfect. The poppet colors are bright and bold and their large size certainly stands out when they are put on the flap closure.  I was also sent some other flower poppets that I just love too.  You can conveniently store the poppets in the included drawstring bag when not using the set.  Be sure to check out the a la carte Poppets for other fun ones that would make your clutch look great.

I'm really excited about this clutch system and can't wait to start using it.  I know my friends will wonder where I got it, and I'll be happy to tell them about it too! In the near future I also plan on buying more poppets so I'll always have new ones to play around with.

Don't let your clutches get lost inside your closet any longer.  Thanks to Pink Tulips, your new clutch will always see the light of day!

Pink Tulips would like to offer you a 20% discount on your order and there are no limitations.  Enter promo code SAMMI at checkout.

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