Friday, March 6, 2015

Arts And Crafts The Whole Family Will Love

Taking the time to get creative with the kids can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to spend some quality time with your little ones and teach them new and exciting skills. Such as, how to create a collage, for example.

The key to making your arts and crafts activities fun for the whole family is choosing craft ideas that everyone will enjoy.  Some crafts, like collaging are dangerous for younger children as they may put the pieces in their mouths.


Fun craft activities will keep the kids busy, let you bond as a family and even, save you money on expensive day trips and outings. For some fabulous art and craft tips and ideas, have a read of this.

1. Get baking

Although technically not an art and craft, family baking is a fun, easy activity that the whole family can enjoy.
Baked goods and sweet making are particularly popular with children because they are fun to make and can be eaten afterwards.

Popular baking ideas for kids are things like traybakes, cookies and meringues. As well as sweets, like homemade fudge, marshmallows and toffee.

2. Allow your children to express themselves

Let your children express themselves through their artwork. If your little one want to paint the sky pink and the grass yellow, just go with it. The creative expression that arts and crafts activities offer is what makes them so special.

Instead of setting your child a certain craft task, ask them if there is anything they would like to do. Do they want to paint, make a collage, use clay, etc.?

3. Make collages

A fun art and craft activity is collaging. It is easy to do and won’t take up much time, so is perfect for doing during an afternoon.

Lay out pieces of card for each child. Then put things like buttons, sequins, pom poms and pieces of paper into bowls for them to use as they please. For young children, you may need to help them choose their collage pieces and glue them on. But older children should be fine with safety scissors and a glue stick or PVA glue.

If the collage embellishments are too heavy to be stuck on with kid's glue, use a glue gun instead. For good quality glue guns, visit glue guns direct or your local craft store. Just make sure not to burn yourself and to keep your children away from the glue gun at all times.

Scrapbooking is a fun activity that family members of all ages will enjoy. Especially, when it includes going through old photos and down memory lane.

As well as being a fun craft activity, scrapbooking is also great for spending some quality time with your children and creating stronger family bonds. Being able to reminisce about old holidays and family outings is an excellent way to spend a family afternoon.  

There are plenty of arts and crafts activities the whole family will enjoy; it is just making the time to do them.

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