Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Children's Place Review

Even before my daughter was born I was shopping and preparing for her arrival.  Some would say I went overboard and purchased way more clothes than I needed.  It's hard to resist adorable baby clothes and the cuteness clothing factor was certainly turned up high each time I went shopping.  It's important to me that my daughter not only have stylish baby clothes, but good quality too.  When's the last time you bought new clothing for your child?

The Children's Place is a retailer of children's apparel and accessories.  The store is comprised of sections for girl and boy babies and toddlers, and older girls and boys too.  If you're looking for stylish clothing, you've definitely come to the right place. Whether you need an Easter dress for your daughter for church, or a new shirt for your son, there's a diverse mix of options for any gender and age range.  Since the store always has sales and promotions going on, you'll walk away a satisfied customer.  If you're in need of new clothing for your children, why not stop by The Children's Place today?

My mom used to shop for me at The Children's Place when I was a kid, and now the tradition continues with Scarlett.  It's easy to see why anyone would love the store as the clothes are quality made, affordable, and cute!

I went into the store today on a mission for some clothes for my daughter in larger sizes. Immediately, I was drawn to the back sale wall where I saw a big sign announcing "1.99." I couldn't believe that everything in that section was $1.99, I was shocked.  Instantly, I became like a kid in candy store going nuts at how inexpensive everything was.  A hoodie that was $28 was now $1.99 and pajamas that were $18 were the same price! I started grabbing things left and right like my life depended on it.

I also noticed that jeans were on sale for $5.99 too, regularly $17.  How could I not stock up? It would be crazy not to.  I grabbed some 6-9 month, 12-18, and 18-24 sizes, that way my daughter will be prepared when she starts fitting into those sizes.  I commented to the store employee about how amazing the sale was.  She said she's never seen prices so low and they are pushing the stock out to get ready for the incoming summer clothes.  I told her I'd probably never do this well again!

Cute pajamas for a cute girl.

The first two pajamas are 12 month size, which is perfect for her to wear later this year.  I couldn't resist the adorable sheep and cupcake prints.  I've never seen pajamas as cute as the ladybug ones on the right, I just had to have them! They are 0-3m which fit Scarlett very well right now.  I'll be sad when she outgrows them.  

Ladybug girl modeling her new jammies

A shirt that says love with cupcakes on it. What more could you want in this world besides cupcakes?

The love shirt and first pair of pants are both 6-9m, which will fit Scarlett this summer.  You could pair many different tops with the jeans which make them extremely versatile and they'll last her into the beginning of fall.  For the second top and jeans, they are both 9-12 months which will fit her for both fall and winter.  The first outfit would go great with a pair of sneakers or even sandals, while the second outfit would go great with boots or sneakers too.  

Perfect outfit for cooler weather later this year

Both the hoodie and pants are 9-12m size which is ideal for cooler weather towards the end of the year.  The adorable hoodie is fleece lined to keep my little angel baby warm.  This outfit would be fabulous with a cute onesie underneath and sneakers for a casual look when hanging out with mom.

A variety of tops which are an excellent example of the diverse styles offered by The Children's Place

All of the tops except for the first one are 9-12m and Scarlett will able to wear them this fall. Each one is just cuter than the next and I can't wait to see how ridiculously sweet she'll look in them. Who wouldn't want to make everyday happy, fabulous, and fun?  The jeans I bought in the same size would work well for these tops.  You could even pair them with colored leggings instead if you desire.  The first top is for the summer at 6-9m.  I have a jean skirt that I'd like to have her wear with the shirt and pink sandals too.  I cannot wait to see her in the outfit, it'll surely be picture worthy!

The bright mix of colors would make any baby happy 

How can you say no to a shirt that says "awesome like mom."? You can't.  Of course Scarlett will be awesome like her mom, it's inevitable.  This shirt is also 6-9m so it'll be another summer option for her.  I can already see her wearing it with cute capri pants and sandals.  You can't forget the pink sunglasses either! She'll certainly be the cutest girl on the block in this outfit.  The other two outfits are 12-18m, so they'll be able to fit her for some time in that size range.  The silver star on the bottom shirt adds an extra touch of fun.

This shopping trip was so much fun and I couldn't have found better deals.  All in all I saved $170.  I don't think I've ever saved this much in my life, or paid so little for clothing! Everyone loves a great bargain, right? 
The ultimate in savings!

I'm really satisfied with the outfits I chose and Scarlett will be one stylish baby in them.  The clothing is great quality and I can tell it will hold up well in the wash.  All I have to do is wait for her to be old enough to wear them!

Head on over to The Children's Place now to grab some great deals for your little one.  Who knows what kind of deals you'll score!

*DISCLOSURE* I received a gift card in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts are strictly my own.  

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