Monday, February 9, 2015

Stride Rite Review

There's nothing more fun than having a daughter.  Even before Scarlett was born I was buying clothes, shoes, and accessories for her.  It's impossible to resist purchasing pink sparkly boots or a leopard print jacket for an infant! I have so much fun with Scarlett's clothes and everyday is like a fashion show when dressing her.  Of course you have to have the perfect shoe to go with a cute outfit and Stride Rite is there to help with that.

Stride Rite is one of the first brands I think of when I envision shoes for children.  The company offers ridiculously cute shoes for boys girls, and babies.  Whether you're looking for pink sneakers, a sparkly boot, a flower themed sandal, or even black dress shoes to go with your son's school uniform, Stride Rite has it all.  Their shoes are long lasting, durable, and stylish.  There's nothing more adorable than a baby in a pair of silver sparkly Stride Rite sneakers.  Why not plan ahead and have your child pick out a new pair of sandals or Mary Janes for this upcoming summer? A pair of shoes from Stride Rite makes the perfect birthday or even baby shower present for any baby or toddler.  

Now that my daughter is practically 9 weeks old, I knew it was time to introduce Stride Rite shoes into her closet.  She already has a lot of shoes, but her wardrobe was surely begging to have Stride Rite be initiated into the shoe family.  When I was browsing through the baby section of the website, I couldn't handle it.  All of the adorable sparkly, pink shoes were just too much for me to bear! 

I finally settled on the Stride Rite Crawl Glittery Girl and the Keds Champion Toe Cap Lace.  Both of these shoes were so beyond cute that I pretty much died.  Scarlett is a girly girl and I knew she'd enjoy rocking these kicks whenever she could.  I picked 3-6m sizes for both, so she would have ample opportunity to wear them.  At first, I thought about picking the 0-3m size so she could wear them right away, but since she is already two months old she wouldn't have much time in them.  
I don't work at being cute, it just comes natural.

I absolutely love these boots and will honestly be so sad when they no longer fit. They offer a suede outsole with a pretty light grey color.  If you're looking for sparkles, you've come to the right shoe as the upper part of the shoe is all silver sparkles.  I love the way the sparkle contrasts with the grey, it's such a fun shoe! The band of grey dots around the middle of the shoe offers an extra touch for your little fashionista.  

Even though Scarlett is not yet 3 months old, the boots do fit her but they are a drop big. That's great though because she can wear them for the rest of the winter and spring.  The shoes zip and unzip easily and they don't feel too tight around her feet either.  Don't worry about quality as the shoes are well made and would last if given the chance.  Pair these boots with a black sweater and little jeggings and your baby will be stylin'! Make sure she's home by 6 PM sharp though.

It's just a dotty kind of day

If you're looking for a versatile, comfortable shoe for your baby girl, the Keds Champion Toe Cap Lace is an ideal pick. Everyone had a pair of classic white Keds growing up, this is a more modern twist on that shoe.  These adorable sneakers go with practically anything you pair them.  Moms, that will certainly make dressing baby easier in the mornings! I love the combination of the pink dots and laces with the brown background of the shoe, it works so well together.  

I really like the way they look on Scarlett and look forward to her wearing them.  They are easy to get on and off her feet.  Just like with the boots they are slightly big, but will fit her soon enough.  I would pair these with a cute hoodie and jeans (like above) and your baby will be the star of the neighborhood in no time.

As Scarlett gets older, I'll certainly be making her feet happy and buying her Stride Rite shoes.  Their quality and variety of colors and patterns will keep me coming back for more. Keep them in mind for all of your child's shoe needs.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Stride Rite for providing me with complimentary shoes in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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  1. Both are TOO cute! I always got my daughters shoes at Stride Rite. They always took the time to fit them and they were so patient.