Thursday, January 15, 2015

Custom Wood Engravings Etsy Shop Review

Now that I have my own family, it's important to me to have family pictures and memories on the walls of my home.  My daughter was born five weeks ago and I'm starting to order her pictures for wall canvases and collages.  They will of course be mixed in with pictures of my husband and I and our dog.  A family is a very special thing and surely something to be proud of.  If you're looking to celebrate your family in a unique way, Custom Wood Engravings is happy to help with that.

Custom Wood Engravings is an Etsy shop ran by owner Maura who is fabulously talented. Maura creates personalized wooden engraved picture frames and wall decor.  Each item is engraved using a laser engraving machine.  The wooden picture frames can be made however you'd like for whatever event or occasion.  Do you know someone who recently had a new baby? A personalized picture frame with the baby's name and birth stats makes the perfect present for the new parents.  Don't forget Grandma this Mother's Day when you give her a frame featuring her grand children's names with a picture of them in it.  A family name wooden sign is the ideal housewarming gift for a family's new home, or for a couple who recently got married.  Anything from Maura's shop would look wonderful on your walls and would certainly be a conversation starter.

I was fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to review two special pieces from Custom Wood Engravings.  I chose to be sent a family name wooden sign, and a picture frame for my husband.  We don't currently have anything that commemorates us as a family, and I knew the wooden sign would be the perfect piece to have.  The frame for my husband honors him as a new dad, which I knew he'd appreciate.

My family in wooden form! 

This sign is seriously cool, and I've never seen anything like it before.  I'm so happy with how it came out!  You have the option of choosing from a variety of colors that Maura offers, along with the sizing of your choice.  I selected black because I thought it would look great with the natural wood underneath.  The paint is high quality and guaranteed to be long-lasting.  The wooden sign can be customized however you'd like.  If you want to add in your own words instead of the default phrases on the bottom, that's okay too.  I chose to have my last name on the top and the establishment date of 8/31/2013 which is my wedding date. Underneath the wedding date the names of my family members are displayed.  The sturdy 16x16 size that I chose was perfect for the wall space and it looks fabulous hung. Each sign conveniently comes with hooks for hanging. The black paint is glossy and the engraving is clear and easy to read.  I couldn't be more pleased with it.

I love that I have something as special and meaningful as this work of art in my home.  This is certainly a piece that was made with love and dedication and Maura's talent surely shines through.  I enjoy the fact that it's custom and not something that you can buy at a local store. I'll surely enjoy it for years to come.  

Preserve those memories in wooden style 

The frame for my husband was something I knew he'd really enjoy.  I chose to have "Daddy" engraved on top with "established 2014" underneath.  On the bottom are two wooden hearts which I thought was a cute finishing touch for the 4x6 frame.  Just like with the wooden sign, you can choose the sizing and color of your choice along with whatever customization.  For this frame, I opted to stick with the natural wooden look.  Currently, there is no picture in the frame yet.  I want to take a picture of Scarlett with my husband as there isn't one that exists yet.  It would be the perfect picture for the frame!

I love the varying light and dark shades of wood that are featured on the frame.  It provides a great contrast and catches your eye when you look at it.  The frame is made well and stands up with ease.  I can't wait until I have a picture in it.  It will look fantastic on my husband's night stand or dresser.  I'm sure he'll smile each time he looks at it too!  Who can resist a cute baby?

I'm extremely satisfied with how both products came out and truly love them.  I highly recommend Maura's services for any of your future gift needs.  For the person who has everything, something from Custom Wood Engravings is the one thing you can guarantee that they don't have.

*DISCLOSURE* Thank you to Custom Wood Engravings for providing me with complimentary items in exchange for this review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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